Tobacco Products Are the Most Littered Item

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Tobacco products makeup for over thirty percent of the things collected during an urban and international coastal cleanup. This makes it the most littered item on the earth. But this doesn’t include the twenty four percent of total debris collected in our oceans and in our waterways. Most smokers admit to throwing these products such aa cigarette butts on the ground or out of a car. What people don’t realize is that tobacco products are just as dangerous on the ground as they are when they are lit. The toxic chemicals from the littered products seep into the environments and end up not just on our grounds but in our waterways and beaches. These chemicals poison fish along with harming other animals when consumed by them.

It’s highly unlikely to that tobacco products will be banned due to the cost of enforcing such a law and the risk of a black market arising. My business, Tobacco Green, will manufacture biodegradable tobacco products. Once these products have seeped into soil, they will be able to grow tress and plants. This will put back the plants and trees that are constantly being taken from our environment.

I intend for my business to be a multinational company. Everyone is affected by pollution in some way. I want my company to expand across the world but first I will start in the USA. The home for my business, will be Georgia. this will make it easy for me to have a very hand on experience while preparing for my opening. This product will not just end in one state but once I am successful within the first year, I will expand immediately across the USA before making my business worldwide.

I am proposing a line of biodegradable tobacco products that produce trees and plants once thrown into the grown and seeped into the soil.

Background Although the rate of smoking has gone down tremendously over the years, smoking products can be found littering our earth in every ecosystem that exists. Tobacco products are so easy to litter because no one thinks of recycling away an item that has been lit with fire. Tobacco litter makes up almost thirty-eight percent of collected litter around the earth. Tobacco litter from cigarette butts at the shoreline is one of the biggest forms of litter that is killing our ecosystems. Cigarette butt litter is a common issue at the shorelines around the world, also in the sea and all throughout the any body of water. Cigarette butts thrown out in parking areas, along sidewalks, and in the streets can travel miles from the unavoidably get thrown to channels, streams, and to the shoreline of the sea. This is detrimental because many poisons, harmful synthetics, and cancer-causing agents from cigarettes gather in bodies of water and are then washed out into the sea. Feathered creatures and ocean warm blooded animals ingest these harmful butts, often thinking that these are a source of nourishment.

We all can get things done in the environment if tobacco litter can be eliminated from being all through our ecosystems. Littered cigarette butts are horribly manufactured creations. They contain arsenic which is used to execute rodents. They also contain traces of lead, which goes into the earth and can contaminate water. Not only does the water suffer, but the animals who eat cigarette butts suffer as well. The Ocean Conservancy data has demonstrated that around 3,216,991 cigarettes or cigarette butts were taken from shorelines and inland courses all through the world in 2009. This was during that year’s International Coastal Cleanup (ICC). Out of those three million or so cigarette butts collected, 1,362,741 cigarettes and butts were removed from the courses of the United States alone. These alarming numbers can tell you how much the American ecosystems are failing. There were diverse things in association with smoking that were moreover assembled from U.S., too. They took up 18,555 cigarette lighters, 74,399 stogie tips, and 36,397 tobacco packages from the shore cleanup also.

To understand fully about the negative effects of tobacco products in our environment, one must know the harmful agents they contain. First there is bento pyrene which is found in coal tar and tobacco smoke and it is a champion among the most extraordinary illness causing manufactured on the planet. Next, and most commonly known, there is Arsenic, which is a deadly poison that causes detachment of the guts, issues, whiteness, loss of movement and undermining skin tumors. It is used in pesticides. Also, there is lead, which is stunts growth and causes issues with the brain and cerebrum. Formaldehyde threatens development, can hurt lungs, skin, and stomach related structures. This is also found in embalmers used it to shield dead bodies.

Toluene is exceedingly hazardous, ordinarily use as a settling in CH32CO. Butane is found and is exceptionally ignitable butane is one of the key parts in fuel. There is cadmium which can cause damage to the liver, kidneys and psyche, and stays in the body for a significant long time. Smelling salts are found in the individual cigarette to hold more nicotine, keeping them trapped on smoking. Lastly there is benzene which is a common pesticide. Now that it is known all that is found in these tobacco products, there is a clear view of what potentially can kill our environment. Too many of these products are made to kill generally, therefore they can destroy everything. To begin fixing this issue, it should be required to have an extra walkway and road clearing, scenic route and stop support, storm deplete cleaning, and expanded upkeep of tempest water channels.

In addition, tobacco entrepreneurs should bear the cost of cigarette butt and stogie tip litter cleanup around doors, walkways, and parking garages. This Can result in a decrease in a city’s pedestrian activity, the travel industry, business advancement, and lodging. Indeed, the nearness of litter in a network diminishes property estimations by a little over 7%. Concentrating on little upgrades, such as lessening cigarette butt litter, makes more secure and more financially lively networks. This also acquires significant damage on amusement zones and open spaces. Tobacco litter speaks to about 34.4% of all litter in open air amusement zones, for example, cookout territories, climbing trails, parks, and so forth diminishing the intrigue of these common zones.

The only problem I’ve seem to come across with this problem, is growing tobacco for my company. Tobacco cultivations has been proven to cause deforestation and degradation of our environment. I do not want to tear down land while trying to put them back. To help prevent this issue, I will grow my tobacco in ecofriendly greenhouses using solar power only. Green houses are known to act as protection from the outside environment for the plants being grown inside.

What do you want to know, prove, demonstrate, analyse, test, investigate or examine in your research? I want people to realize littering tobacco products is poisoning our soil, waterways, and living creatures coming into contact with these products. The global bight caused by littering is increasing because most don’t realize that the toxic from tobacco seeps in to our grounds causing plant diseases along with contaminating our water. Before my business begins, I will provide my own coastal and urban area clean up. After by business has been running for five years, I will conduct this clean up in the same area again. I expect to see litter of tobacco products decrease by a significant amount.

The aim of this project is to:

  • a) contribute to putting trees back in our environment
  • b) stop littering of tobacco products

It takes around a month and a half for tobacco to grow. Because my tobacco will be grown in a green house, a big portion of my funds will go towards them since I will have to makeup for the space I would have had if grown in a field. Once the tobacco leaves are processed, they will be transported to a factory where my products will be made and packaged. All greenhouses and factories will be in close distance of each other

Aichi Target 5 states “by 2020, the rate of loss of all-natural habitats, including forests, is at least halved and where feasible brought close to zero, and defecation and fragmentation is significantly reduced.” Tobacco Green will help to cut down on forest degradation by not cutting down trees for tobacco cultivation. Because trees and plants will grow from Tobacco Green, habitats will also be restored

I expect my product will not only deliver a great experience for my customers, but they will be able to say they are contributing to giving back to the environment. I expect tobacco users to become aware of how littering these items have a huge impact on our environment and the animals living in them. It is important we keep in mind millions of plastic and butts end up as litter on the side of our streets and in our water ways. Since, my products are biodegradable along with the packages they come in, we will not have to worry about our soil, plants, or animals being harmed by my products.my products will give back to

The tobacco industry is a trillion-dollar industry, so I believe the up keep of this company would be a problem but in order to get this company started, I would start out with donations and investors from family, friends, and anyone who believes in my vision. I do not plan to start off big so if possible, I want to stay away from loans. I also am applying for many grants to add on. I plan to collect a minimum of fifty thousand dollars by the time I start my journey so that I will not have to constantly worry about money.

I anticipate for it to take me one to two years to raise the money to get my business started. During that time, I plan on finding a location where my green house and factory will be located. If possible, I would like to buy and building for my factory and just build a green house along side it. Overall, I plan on it taking around three years to where I finally can have my products in stores around Georgia.

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