The Pursuit of Happyness Film Review

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Table of Contents

The Pursuit of Happyness is a Hollywood movie that debuted in 2006. Director of the film Gabriele Muccino and featured with Will Smith and his son Jaden. In the movie, Will Smith played in the role of Christopher Gardner. It is an ambitious movie based on a true story, but not everything is in reality. The director used his skills to cover the viewers by placing unusual spelling “Happyness” instead of “Happiness.” Chris portrayed as a hardworking man who experiences various struggles throughout life; at last, he found some success. The movie set of the place is in San Francisco, USA. The director tried to show the struggling side in a modern city. The story travels throughout by the main character, Chris. There is no doubt as a viewer that Will Smith nominated for best actor.

Plot Summary

The movie tells about the consequence Chris faced due to his individual choice in life. The story of Chris is one of the best examples of dedication, even though he experienced much hardship he never gave up. Life is difficult for Chris as a single father; he is one of the salesmen and makes money by selling bone scanner to the medical center. His wife is the only earner in their family, and the financial burden is too heavy that she could not tolerate. So she decided to move out and believed that he would take care of their son.

The movie demonstrates how an African American person survives his poverty. The director used this opportunity to explain about the economy in American society clearly. As shown, we viewers can how African American people struggle for income. Most of the people are homeless. He was competing with nineteen other candidates for a stockbroker internship position at Dean Witter. Throughout this journey, he struggled more without money, food, and shelter. He and his son will be staying in the public homage, where he needs to wait for a long queue to get a single room.

One day he was called from the Den Witter saying he has been selected for the job. Chris was filled with tears and ran to his son’s Daycare, hugging him tightly. The director used his skills and exhibited the inequality they are facing in society. The kid does not benefit any of the government despite their parents have inadequate income.


The tone in the movie is heartbreaking and sensitive because the film is all about a single person’s struggle. The more impressive and emotional scenes throughout the movie connected well with the audience. It is genuinely the best aspirational movie. The director did an excellent job by keeping the audience unchanged and explained in detail without confusing the viewers. It is a perfect movie for all age people. I could able to relate the proverb “No pain. No Gain” when I watch this movie. I would highly recommend everyone to watch this movie or at least keep this on their list.

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