The Pros and Cons of the Voyages and Discoveries of Christopher Columbus and Columbian Exchange

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The discovery of the new world by Christopher Columbus modified the records of the world completely. This isn’t to say that Columbus himself wasn’t that essential- he was simply the first European to attain the new world in situations that allowed for fundamental colonization to occur. There are some pros and cons from Christopher Columbus voyages and his discoveries. If Spain never sent Christopher Columbus to search for a route to Asia the world as we know wouldn’t be the same as it is today.

Christopher Columbus had big ideas as a navigator, wanting to sail west across the ocean instead of taking the long route to get to Asia. Since, he thought the earth was smaller than other people believed it was. He first presented his plan to Portugal and England, but they rejected him so of course he didn’t give up and found someone in Spain; Ferdinand and Isabella. All three of them wanted fame and fortune so of course he made a deal with them. The Spain supported Christopher Columbus because they did believe that the route to Asia did exist and they saw it in their advantage that if they found the route it would give them a boost in trading with Asia and last it was said that Christopher Columbus might find some rich in minerals and resources. Christopher Columbus wanted to be the first one to find a find a shorter route to Asia and they wanted fortune and gold, everyone wins.

Christopher Columbus voyage came with a lot of pros and cons, Christopher Columbus and his crew are remembered as finding the new world which brought rapid colonization from England, France, Spain and Portugal. It was a good thing because it brought new trade calling it the Columbian exchange. The Columbian exchange brought out some good and bad outcome. The good outcome was that it was an exchange from the old world and new world of plants and animals. Yet, the sad part of the Columbian exchange was that diseases was also introduced and soon people were dying because of the smallpox or measles in America and in Europe people were dying from the syphilis.

Christopher Columbus did discover the new world yet there was major pros and cons to this discovery. For short term outcomes the natives were killed while other were enslaved. When people died they also died of diseases brought by European. After that it soon led to going to Africa and taking millions of people from the continent to work as slaves in the new world. The main impact on his voyage was merging the old world and new world together.

Even though Christopher Columbus has good and bad to his name, his significance of him finding the new world changed the world, with changing the old the world to the new world. The new world created with a lot of ups and down, between the people of Europe and America but it did the change the world. A navigator who just wanted to find a quicker way to Asia did much more than he expected and will forever be remembered in history.


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