“The Old Man and the Sea” and Its Connection with Bible

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In the story “The Old Man and the Sea,” Hemingway makes connections with/to the bible. In the book, Hemingway tries multiple ways to try and better the perception of the people. Not just about life, but about things deeper than life as a whole. It is to try and get people to start thinking deeper than that. Hemingway is trying to help everyone become better people in general, and be the best a person can be. This is the reason he uses many religious references throughout the book in every page, if not every sentence in each and every paragraph that has been written with that one sole purpose.

There are many examples we could look at from the book, as there are many great examples when it comes to religious references that have been taken from the bible. One of these examples is when the author had started to include information about the old man’s dreams at a certain point in the story. In these dreams we have been granted permission to see, he had been watching lions pacing the beach. This is similar to the lion’s den in the bible from the bible. It is/was also from when Joseph had been tossed inside the den as a punishment.

Some people might believe that these parallels that have been used by Hemingway shows us he had a almost perfect balance. This balance was between both his spiritual and his physical side. This shouldn’t have been possible for he had been made fun of often. He had also been unfairly shunned for his books. The intent behind writing “The Old Man and The Sea” could have been Hemingway’s way to tell people about his feelings. He wanted to show them without making it too obvious, if obvious at all.

Earlier we had talked about examples of religious references. We had also discussed one of the examples. The example we had looked at was the lions in the old man’s dream. This is another example, but in a different way than the first. Most people don’t realize that even the title of a book can be symbolic. But the picture on the cover as well as the title of that book. The sea is used as a symbol of how life can be. Nobody knows if it’s going North, or if it’s going South.

Another example that can be used is the Swordfish. This is the fish the old man struggles with on the cover of the book. It is also probably the fish in the book. This fish is symbolic as well. The fish is symbolic of big, or large, problems that either everyone has already faced. That, or it might symbolize large problems that are yet to come.

These are just a few examples from the excellent book written by Hemingway. He has used excellent examples from the bible. The religious references where chosen very well. Sadly, that is all we are able to discuss. This is the chance for everyone to try and figure out their own ideas for all kinds explanations for different things. Get out and explore, be curious, and try the hardest everyone can.


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