The Necklace: Pride Can Lead to One’s Downfall

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The Necklace by Guy De Maupassant tells the story of a middle-class couple and shows what happens when people are not grateful for the circumstances they do have. The story revolved around a necklace that was borrowed and changed the Destiny of Loisel family. In the group discussion, Kate brings out the idea that Mr. Loisel should not please her wife blindly and I agreed with him as I blame Mr. Loisel for all the misery.

Monsieur Loisel wants to make all the efforts to keep her wife happy but he somewhere gets irritated as he cannot fulfill all her desires. Mr. Loisel frustration can be seen as he called Madame Loisel “stupid” and this seems to be mean. He was the one who told her wife to borrow the jewels from Madame Forester. Despite being a loving, caring and selfless person, He should know his middle-class family financial status and he should care less about the party.

As Tarandeep mentioned, Mr. Loisel did all the efforts to find the necklace by tracing her wife’s footsteps, but he is to be blamed for the misfortune he endures because it was mainly his idea to replace the lost necklace rather than telling Madame Forestier the truth and offer to pay her the installments. He should have demanded his wife to directly go to her friend and and confess that she had lost the necklace. If she had actually done that, they would have known the actual worth of the necklace. Mr. Loisel biggest weakness was that he has not learned how to put his foot down and say, “We cannot afford it.”

As Autumn mentioned, because of pride Mr. Loisel sell all his inheritance and took a lot of credit to replace the necklace. He did a lot of hard work for 10 years to pay the debt off. In order to please her wife, they ended up in poverty. Her wife has to dismiss the servant and have to do the heavy work of the house.

Finally, my response is important as I contradicted the image of Mr. Loisel being the hero of the story as despite of acting on her wife’s selfish greedy thoughts, he should have been wise enough to make her wife understand to be happy with what they have rather than longing for things beyond their reach. He should let her wife know that appearances can be deceiving. Lastly, honesty is best even when it may be difficult.

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