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Theme of Death in “To Build a Fire”

This literary criticism piece focuses on the meaning behind the main character’s death in Jack London’s “To Build a Fire”. The short story was originally written with the protagonist alive by the end, however the more popularized revised version ends with his death. Both versions show the theme of survival through the protagonists struggles of…

Short Story,

To Build A Fire

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Literary Analysis of “To Build a Fire”

Jack London, an American writer, has written a short story ‘To Build a Fire’ published in 1908. The narrator assumes the third person narration technique by taking the role of a keen distance observer who recounts all the events that unravel in the life of the protagonist and his dog. The author employs a vivid…

Short Story,

To Build A Fire

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Symbolism in “To Build A Fire”

Jack London ‘To Build A Fire’ explores the willfulness of man. Moreover, the peril men take to achieve something paying little heed to whether it isn’t in their range. The setting occurs in the forested zones in the midst of Yukon winter which is one hundred and thirteen degrees underneath frezing point. Directly all through…

Short Story,

To Build A Fire

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