The Journey to Equality

Updated April 21, 2022

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The Journey to Equality essay

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Evolution has presented itself throughout history for centuries. The world is never put to rest and things are constantly changing and improving. From the very beginning, impeccable leaders have altered the world in search for reform and enhancement. For example, many know the intelligent, Benjamin Franklin who discovered electricity or the studious Thomas Eddison who provided the world with a light bulb. Moreover, the founding fathers issued an entire nation to the people with a series of rules and restrictions to ensure peace for society. In addition, the Wright Brothers, Thomas Paine, Martin Luther King, Rosa Parks, Susan B. Anthony or John F. Kennedy for example. All of these famous beings have altered the world for different reasons and have created history by their actions. All of the previous leaders and more have created and fought for different ideas they had inspired in their hearts because they were eager to view change in the world. Long ago, dating back to as early as 1850, women across the nation had been blessed with the idea of change. For decades and decades, women had no rights and were often alienated because of the stigma they faced by society. This stigma held women to a certain standard where they were not respected by the public. However, this stigma did not frighten women and it would not come close to compete against the perseverance and determination these women held. The Women’s Suffrage Movement, also known as the liberation movement, was the struggle for women to obtain rights, have the ability to run for office, and vote in political elections. The Women’s Suffrage Movement was apart of the Women’s Rights Movement which surprisingly, involved both men and women. This movement for equality was not simple or easy. The fight for equality became ongoing for over one-hundred years. Many women had developed speeches and created petitions as well as marched in protests and parades. This movement was based on the belief that all women deserve all rights and responsibilities of being a citizen.

The Women’s Suffrage Movement was one of the most life changing events in U.S. history that altered the course of basic human rights and equality of women throughout the nation and around the world. Before The Women’s Suffrage Movement women were entitled to almost no basic human rights and were often treated like maids. The role of women before the movement was basically to do as told. They had to follow strict rules and maintain the look society titled them with, which was do what you were told to do. Before the Women’s Suffrage, women were considered to have one role which was the role of a wife and mother. They were prohibited to venture out of their domestic life and even named “too emotional” for most real jobs. In the nineteenth century many women were seen as delicate and not capable of manual labor. They especially could not participate in politics. Almost all women were looked at as inferior to men. In fact, society even believed women were incapable of managing finances and at this point in time all of the property was entitled to the husband or man of the home. Women had very little say in anything and if her husband divorced her she was forced to give custody to the man. Although women had no freedom they worked especially hard in maintaining a clean and polished home for the family. Their daily chores included caring for the children, carrying water to the home from a stream or water source, cleaning, cooking, and making their own cleaning supplies. This on the other hand was very difficult. They had to craft their own brooms, polishes, and cleaning solutions. Women had many other duties to fulfill in their everyday lives but the above are just a few. They were also expected to behave accordingly and be charming and entertaining to the guests and cater to everyone of her family’s needs.Transition…………………………………………………………..

“…women were considered a physically weaker sex, less capable than their male counterparts ”

Women were stereotyped in society and looked upon as weak. It was believed that they couldn’t participate in any outside activities from their home life and it was strictly forbidden to bide against the husbands rule. A woman living in the U.S. in the nineteenth century did not have the same rights as her husband, brother, or even her son. Women were allowed to have other jobs that actually paid, however, many women did not engage in finding a job. Mostly women of color were employed in small jobs due to low incomes to help her family survive. Also, any money or wage a women made at the time was entitled to her husband and all of her earnings were not awarded to her. Women struggled greatly at this time and encountered external and internal conflicts. They were conflicted with their rights the government provided, which again,m was little to none. They also struggled internally, being a women at this point in time was increasingly difficult and they were forced to conceal their emotions no matter how bad they may have felt.

The Women’s Suffrage Movement was a decades- long fight to win the rights for women to vote in The United States and it was one of the most difficult movements to overcome/complete.

“At the same time, all sorts of reform groups were prolieferating across the United States- temperance leagues, religious movements, moral-reform societies, anti- slavery organizations- and in many of these, women played a prominent role ”

As women became more involved, many questions arose and women began to think about what it really meant to be a woman in the United States. One idea sparked another and women were uprising to a new movement and a big step for women everywhere. Many questioned societies stricken rules about “womanhood” and began to develop the idea of rights. This eventually lead to the discussion of the problem all the women had faced with the inequality they underwent. Women gathered together to create a new change for the future. They were inspired to change the world for themselves and their children. Not all women participated in the movement as many people frowned upon the acts. At this point in time, women strictly followed their orders.

“We hold these truths to be self-evident,” proclaimed the Declaration of Sentiments that the delegates produced, “that all men and women are created equal, that they are endowed by their creator with certain inalienable rights, that among these are life, liberty, and the pursuit of happiness’”

In 1848, a group of abolitionist activists gathered together at Seneca Falls, New York to discuss the matters of women’s rights. Elizabeth Cady Stanton and Lucretia Mott, held the convention and invited all of the delegates to talk about these matters. All of the delegates came together and officially decided that they believed women should be treated with the same amount of equity and respect as men. They believed they were entitled to have individual rights such as the right to vote. Believe it or not, men also were apart of this convention as well. They did not play a big role in the movement but men were actually apart of the suffrage movement at the very beginning. As more ideas were developed and discussed, the movement grew stronger and the foundation for it became more than just participating in political events. This grew into a new era and a new beginning for women all over the world.

The Journey to Equality essay

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