The Heroes of Batman and Superman and the General Superhero Agenda

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We all have heroes. People we admire and we want to be similar. In real life these heroes are people we live with in daily life, like our family, parents and teachers who mold us to be a better person. As children we start to hear about superheroes, their goodness, and the idea of doing well and have a peaceful world fighting villains. Two examples are Superman and Batman. No other comic’s characters resemble and contrast so well. These two superheroes were the big success that led to the comics. These two fantastic characters have their fans who argue who is better, more interesting and powerful.

Superman or Clark Kent comic was created a long time ago and has a great amount of changes during the years. He has comics since his origin in home planet trough the earth where Martha Kent and Jonathan Kent found him in a little city called Smallvile, they wanted so bad a child and decided to raise him like their own. Clark used his powers since a young age. When he graduated he moved to Metropolis, there he meet his crush Lois Lane and work as a reporter in the city newspaper, but in reality he fights for justice and to save all being in danger, There he called himself Superman and began to fight for the world against Lex Luthor.

Clark Kent identity is a discussed topic. People said that his really identity is. Superman because he already born with his powers and do not decided to have them. He is the same man behind his costume; the difference is the hair and the representative glasses. He makes justice by his own, instead of searching them every time he knows where the problem is located protecting all people and his loved ones.

Batman it’s a very different story that superman’s he was born in a wealthy family. he was really happy until a pair of thieves killed his parents in a robbery, until the age of 18 he was race by his loyal servant Alfred, to not be bored he started to trip around the world learning different sports like karate and he learned to use some powerful weapons, when he came back he found of Gotham city full of crimes and criminals running the government. that day he decided to make justice by his own hands, he used his money to make weapons, cars and all what he could need to protect the victims of this city, for him was very easy because he is wealthy.

He took a secret identity to be protected and no one could tell he was Batman, in the day he was known as any rich man that was selfish and cold, spending money in parties and girls, outgoing,rude and sarcastic to other people around him.no one could even possible think he was the hero of their city because of his attitude. He resolves crimes very different he uses his brain and investigates every part of the scene to hunt all kind of villains .He is a human very smart but, sometimes he could make mistakes about his conclusions.

Superman and Batman are 2 super heroes that are very different, it is like comparing to kinds of good candy it is very difficult to tell right away which one is the better until knowing very well their story. They have different origins, similar identities but opposite personalities and each one has their own way to make justice. For some fans this topic could be very extensive and will never had a conclusion but, I believe that any character should have their own background to attract interest in the public and to anyone can be related to their story and the differences make persons, movies, things even better cause seeing the same is boring and everyone likes the unexpected .In my perspective I like better Batman because he is like any human and give us the possibility to think that anyone could be a hero doesn’t necessarily with powers but with the willing to do the right thing.


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