Beowulf and Batman Compare And Contrast

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Though both Beowulf and Batman hold many similar qualities, they have differences as well. The main dissimilarities lie behind their intentions. Humility has become a desired trait in modern times today, whereas in Beowulf’s time self-confidence to the point of hauteur was a favorable attribute. Beowulf fights the monsters for praise and worthiness.

On the other hand, Batman never reveals his identity when fighting criminals, therefore showing he is not looking for praise but rather protecting the innocent citizens out of the goodness of his heart and justice. Though thoughts and opinions of a hero have altered through the years, both Beowulf and Batman possess similar qualities. They both execute a great deal of strength. Beowulf swam for seven straight days and fights multiple sea monsters. He also uses his robustness during the battle with Grendel and rips off Grendel’s arm with his bare hands.

Batman, also single-handedly, fights gangs of criminals on numerous occasions in the movie, showing not only strength but endurance like Beowulf. Batman ethics show that he does not allow for murder unless it is absolutely necessary. If the criminals are not an immediate threat he will let them go. Beowulf shows this code of ethics as well in a conversation with Unferth. He says, “You murdered your own brothers, your own close kin. Words and bright wit won’t help your soul; you’ll suffer hell’s fire, Unferth, forever tormented. Beowulf would not harm a soul, unless it would harm those he loves, like the monsters surrounding the Danes.

Lastly, they both prove themselves as heroes by defeating evil. When the enemy attacked, both were there to protect the innocent. Beowulf came and protected those in Herot by killing Grendel, and then killing Grendel’s mother. Batman also knows he must fight evil in Gotham City. He battles criminals on the street and eventually fights and destroys the joker.


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