The Book Thief by Markus Zusak

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The Book Thief is all about a girl named Liesel. During world war two she stayed in Germany. She is not afraid to steal things or even ask for help. The things that Liesel usually steals are books. The only thing off about this whole thing is that she can’t read at all. She can steal things like money, jewelry, and even weapons fairly easily, but she chose to steal books most of the time, she chose the one thing that she cant even use. So more about Liesel, she lives with her foster parents names rosa and hans. After a little while Hans seems to realize that Liesal is having trouble putting words together, so he helps her to at least make the letters and words make sense.

Rose and Hans are both not at all jewish, but they especially don’t agree with the regime, but what nobody knows is that they actually saved a jewish boy named max; and he has to live in their basement to keep them safe . All of this stayed a secret until Hans was helping this boy who needs to catch up to the group. What happened next I never thought it would ever happen. A soldier came up and whipped both of them. So for helping someone you get hurt, and it should not even be allowed. When Hans helped the boy, it showed that he really did care about the jews, and that made everyone very confused about their family.

Everyone knows that Hans and Rosa somewhat care about the jews, so the best idea to do is to send Max away so that he won’t get caught or even injured for it, Max had written a book to Liesel about their friendship that he gave her when he had to leave. Just because Hans made an incident, he is sent off to the German Army. Soon enough, not long after Hans went into the army, Rosa unfortunately got the call that Hans broke his leg, so how can he come back and help with the injuries and bad memories of war. Once Max was taken taken to the nazis, he was never able to get the chance to escape.

During the war Liesal has a plain book so that she can write so she starts to write something called The Book Thief. The book eventually gets lost because the city is blown up and her friend and her foster parents are all killed in the act of this. Eventually Liesal moves to Australia after Max comes back once the war has ended. The most important part of the book ending is that she got her notebook back that she has written something in it called The Book Thief.

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