Success of Russian Revolution

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Revolution is an overthrow of a leader or government, in favor of a new and better system. A group of people who are treated unfairly by their leader try to act to take over and change their current and unfair system by starting a revolution or a riot.

The Russian revolution was one of the biggest events that occurred in the 20th century. Before the revolution, Russia was ruled by a powerful leader known as the Tsar. The Tsar had full power in Russia but didn’t do much for the people

Life for the working class and peasants was miserable. They worked for little pay, barely any food was given, and they were exposed to dangerous working conditions.

Before the revolution began, a powerful monarch called Tsar Nicholas II ruled Russia. The Tsar had the full power of Russia, he ordered the army, he owned churches and even most of the land.

Life for the Russian people such as the working class and the peasants worked for small salaries. And if that wasn’t enough, they were exposed to bad working conditions and often went without food. The rich class treated the peasants horribly by giving them few rights and cared little about them.

The Russian Revolution Started because of how unfairly the peasants were treated. They loathed Tsar and hated the way he ruled their country.

The people of Russia were angry at the Tsar for getting Russia into the war and other reason such as, taking personal command of the army, food shortages and growing political opposition.

The peasants had enough of the Tsar and they wanted to take action so they began to riot in front of his castle, the guards decided to join in, this meant that Tsar had to give up the thrown.

The Russian Revolution has had a huge impact on Russia and the world today. It has impacted many things such as socialism, economy, democracy, communism, nationalism, imperialism, etc. The Russian revolution gave the world a new economic system known as socialism. Not only that but it had inspired many freedom movements in other countries. Lastly, the Russian revolution has stopped imperialism and was the first country to support the idea of each country being independent. These are all ways that the Russian Revolution impacted our world today.

The Russian revolution was somewhat successful because peasants were able to get their land back, and there is no more starvation. The peasants are now treated much fairer and have as many rights as the rich.

The point of most revolutions is to overthrow the existing leader (The Tsar). The Russians were able to get rid of the Tsar who treated them terribly and a new leader took over. Now they have more rights and peace within the country.

The leaders had promised the people of Russia Peace, bread and land. They ended their involvement in world war 1 which gave them peace. They solved food shortages and give land to the peasants.

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