Story of Chris Mccandless’ Journey

Updated April 30, 2021

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Story of Chris Mccandless’ Journey essay

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This story starts as when a person named Gallien picks up a hitchhiker whose name was Alex. He is concerned that Alex the hitchhiker who plans on staying for several months in Alaska’s wild is not prepared and he also doesn’t have a hunting license even though he has a rifle but Alex says he doesn’t care about the government rules.

He insists Alex take his pair of boots, sandwiches that his wife made for him for lunch. He thinks Alex will return when he will experience real hardship and drops off Alex at the edge of the park. The second chapter starts as when a trail was to be made but for some reason it wasn’t made, leaving a bus for shelter for hunters. Then the story goes when, three moose seekers, Thompson , and Swanson, go out, and arrive near the bus where they see a couple from Anchorage.

The couple was around fifty feet away, looking exasperates. They see a note there, which is written by Chris Mccandless and a malodorous smell was coming from the bus. The note states that he is really sick and is near death and he needs urgent help. The couple is scared to see inside the bus so, Samel tries to see through the window and sees a bag when he goes the other way he sees a head protruding out of it and founds that Chris Mccandless has been dead from two weeks.

Samel figures the body ought to be cleared quickly, however, Killian, another seeker who appears has a huge vehicle, appears on the scene where Samel insists him to take the body but Killian declines and says this task should be left for Alaska State Troopers. The police helicopter comes the next morning where the examine the scene and takes the camera, note and Mccandless diary.

When the autopsy is done they find out the body is really badly decomposed and the main reason for the death could be starvation as therefore there were no serious injuries on the body. Earlier Wayne Westberg meets Mccandless while hitchhiking and offers him to get a job after a few days Mccandless agrees and starts to work for Westberg, he seems a hardworking man to Westerberg.

Whenever Mccandless meets someone he tells he is from South Dakota.Then the author flashes back and tells how Mccandle is actually from Virginia and his father, Walt, is an aerospace engineer, he lived in Virginia with his mother Billie, and younger sister Carine. His parents believe he is going to law school and will graduate. He doesn’t accept gifts while it’s strange as he gifted his mom and giving a card on Mother’s day to his mom.

While as once when he was graduating his parents decided to gift him a car and to pay for his law school which he declined. After graduation, Chris discloses to them that he wants to spend some time voyaging, and afterward, half a month later he sends his parents a note with his transcript from the university, which will be the last correspondence he ever offers to his family.

So, because of no response from Chris, his parents plan to come by and visit where they get to know that he moved out in June without letting them know. Five weeks sooner he had given up the majority of his possessions and drove off in his Datsun, also changing his identity to Alex Supertramp to emblematically. These first few chapters are just introducing about Chris Mccandless and his life and how he was planning to live in the park.

Story of Chris Mccandless’ Journey essay

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