Society in Iliad

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The Iliad is an excellent work of poetry written during the ancient times of the Greek Itis considered to be one of the foremost of works in the tradition of literacy in the west and a story that has excited the hearts of many over the years. During the mid-8th century, the writer focuses on the theme of peace and war, appearing to both condemn the war and adore it at the same time. The Iliad is associated with an ancient writer Homer, but evidence suggests that it relied on older oral tradition and it might be the works of a collection of poets from ancient Greek.

The poems explicitly narrate the Trojan War and the fall of Troy city throughout the Iliad, the writer elucidates the relevance of education in addressing the needs of the society many tales are narrated on how young men were educated by their teachers how many heroes like Achilles and Hector were raised by the by the wise legend centaur Chiron. He taught Achilles literature and sculpture.

Subjects taught included sports, knowledge of legends communication, surgery and pharmacology Teachers were respected, and their words carefully considered during the planning of wars, they acted as mediators for disputes that arose amongst the youthful people of the society. The story reveals a society that engage in physical training, strangling techniques and wrestling. Boys attended gymnasiums where they were trained by specialists Military training was also offered for young people who were interested to join the army. Spirituality was highly esteemed and spiritual teachings provided by teachers.

The subject of love is pronounced in the story, as the different forms of love are revealed between the different characters. Achilles refers to Patroklos as his beloved companion and the grief he feels when he lost his friend is a clear indication of love. Homer describe a typical Greek as a clever person who is shrewd, wise and forward looking. looking. The Greek demonstrate their shrewdness in all circumstances, even after conquered they remain alert to exploit the weaknesses of their enemy so that they can use them to their advantage.

The Iliad narrates of a society where philosophy and religion were highly valued. Teachings were passed down to the younger generations by older philosophers. Homer reveals that the Greek Perception of death and life after death in this story. Indeed, The Iliad is a tale that reveals a society that is thoroughly grounded on it values and the ability to pass on those values to the next generation through training and education, it is a society that has attached great significance knowledge and its application to the various facets of their daily lives.


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