Slavery in America and Rights of Citizenship for Slaves

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Slavery has been in history since the beginning of time, it is even in The Holy Bible, but in america it was only 400 years ago, History.com “slavery in the United States of America started in 1619, when a Dutch ship brought 20 African slaves in the British colony of Jamestown, Virginia”.

When they first arrived they were treated as indentured servants who could buy their freedom, but in the 17th century settlers in America turned to cheaper labor to develop the newly established colonies which boosted the economy massively by growing a large amount of cash crops such as: Tobacco, Sugarcane, and cotton, and for a while it was working out for a while until the revolutionary war.

The Revolutionary war was a conflict between the 13 colonies and Great Britain, it was all started because of high taxes, no representation and many events that lead to it such as the Boston Massacre of 1770, which the first guy to die was actually a freedman named Crispus Attucks who was a former slave, in the revolutionary war there were about five thousand black soldiers and sailors who fought for the thirteen colonies, and after the revolutionary war the north started realizing that slavery in the south was just like their oppression done by the British, and started to call for slavery’s abolition.

The Union had such strong feelings about this they turned to violence, one famous act happened in 1859, when John Brown raided Harpers Ferry, Virginia in which the abolitionist and 22 men, including five free black men, and three Brown’s sons, occupied the arsenal, which ended in the deaths of 10 people and Brown getting sentenced to his death by hanging, in the aftermath, Brown in the north was viewed as a hero to them meanwhile in the south Brown was viewed as a mass murderer.

One year later, The South reached a boiling point when Republican president Abraham Lincoln was elected as president, Within three months seven southern states seceded from the union to form The Confederate States of America, and 4 more will do the same in the civil war, after the secession The North and The South would go to war, called the Civil War, The North was led by Ulysses S. Grant, and The South would be lead by Robert E. Lee, in the end 620,000 soldiers would lose their lives on the line of duty, the largest loss of life on U.S soil still to this day.

Before the War the emancipation proclamation was passed but slaves were not officially free until the 13th amendment, 3 million black slaves were now free in the Southern states, former slaves received the rights of citizenship, and the “equal protection” of the Constitution in the 14th Amendment, and the right to vote was in the 15th Amendment, but that didn’t end racism there was also segregation laws called Jim crow where white and blacks had separate facilities and separate schools but was officially ended in 1965, ever since then people have been treated equally by the government no matter what race they are.


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