School to Work Transition Challenges

Updated May 6, 2022

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School to Work Transition Challenges essay

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Transition is the process in which an individual changes from one state or condition to another. In this process an individual goes through a number of changes so as to adjust to the immediate environment that they are in. in some instances, people change locations and by this they need to blend in to the groups they have joined. By all this, fresh graduates face a number of challenges with them trying to adopt the citizen life. In getting work, there also some challenges that they face in the process. School does not prepare one on the outside life and coping up with change needs one to have a positive attitude, change their perceptions and also be able to take instructions even in compromising situations. Some of the challenges an individual faces in the process of school to work transition include:


Upon completing school, most graduates are expected to look for jobs and support themselves. In this case, some parents may dismiss them and withdraw from supporting them especially in finances. In the job market, they can be dismissed due to lack of meeting the requirements for instance work experience or in other cases one can be dismissed due to minor mistakes such as failure to keeping time for a scheduled interview and also others such as lack of maturity. On the other hand the people with disabilities can encounter a lot of dismissal as the employers might take it that they will slow down the activities in the workplace or even they are not fit to doing the work they are supposed to do.

One can overcome dismissals by ensuring they explain themselves to the parents for instance to keep on supporting them till they are stable. In the work environment, they need to adhere to the terms and conditions given to them for example the time management, the requirements dress code and the code of conduct. This will keep them in level so as to secure chances of getting the job.


The student life can be easy as compared to life after school. Some people when in school they tend to get things done in a much easier way. In the job market one will have to root for themselves. In most cases when going for interviews one may find a lot of people who might be bearing a lot in terms of experience, the way they present themselves and also the way they express themselves. In this they work towards impressing the employer. The process of adjusting to the competition in the job market can take a while but one needs to gather positive energy since defeat can lead one to instability especially emotional stability can be messed up due to frustrations. Also the people living with disabilities can feel challenged in the completion due to the feeling that they are inferior and in some instances they will face discrimination due to their condition thus putting them off the competition. In other instances completion can cause change in behavior whereby one might take on doing thing in the wrong way or rather breaking the ethical principles. This might put one at the edge since they can be manipulated any time.

In this, one needs to be aggressive in the job market, they should be ready to give their all in terms of expressions for instance during interviews one should be able to convince the employer, dress appropriately and have all the required documents so as to avoid any inconveniences. Competition also requires one to be patient. By this they will be able to learn of what is needed to be done thus avoiding future mistake. Also one should be at a position to share the achievements they have had so as to increases their chances of being considered. The people living with disabilities should work with the attitude of any other person and should not feel any less. One should work to polish the resume and acquire skills that will make them a step ahead of the rest. On the other hand one should work to building their online profiles such as LinkedIn so as to attract some employers with their skills and qualifications.

Change in Policies

Change in the adopting the policies of the society can be a task. As a student the policies are a little bit lenient but in the job market the policies can be hard as the society need morally upright people especially organizations and firms. For instance some organizations need their employees to meet a certain criteria for them to secure a job. Others may need people to dress in a certain way so as to fit in. some people will find it hard adjusting to this policies for instance getting to change their hair style if it’s not meeting the policies of the firm. The fear of not getting the job might force one not to comply with the terms. Other policies maybe those that concern arrival and departure time to the work place and fresh graduates might find it hard blending in.

To adhere to the policies, one should work to meet the requirements and be flexible in that they can adjust to any changes posed to them. This will give one an easy experience in the job hunting process. On the other hand, one should be able to work with low expectations in that they can find it easy in accommodating the changes that might come forth. Some policies might want an individual to change or interfere with personal space for instance going to work over the weekend and in this one should be at a position to sacrifice so as to secure chances then advocate for changes as time goes by.

Creating of Connections

In creating connections, one needs to network with people from different dimensions so as to get insights. Sometimes connecting can be difficult to people who are not social. Some connections or networking process might need one to attend training programs and other social activities. This process can be different as compared to the ones that one experienced in school since they need one to be creative and be able to contribute to the discussions that are held. Some people might find it hard in keeping up with the trends. On the other hand some individuals will have wrong intentions in the connection processes. For instance for one to prosper in a fashion career or those who need to venture in business, they need to market themselves and their ideas. In getting good connections they will be at a position to reach a huge audience. This can be a challenge if one is not able to express themselves.

In order for one to make it in the job market through connections, for instance those who venture in fashion or marketing careers, they should be at a position to be outgoing and attend many programs to get more insights and also get to meet people and share their ideas as they make progress. In this transition, one needs motivation and urgency. In other instances one needs to be observant and be able to gain new knowledge that will make their work unique. Diversely, one needs to engage with people or firms that have good intentions and those that are willing to help them grow in the market.

In other cases, connections made can be unhealthy in the process where others may ask for favors and also those that will display unethical behavior. In this one should be at a position to avoid such and anything associated with the same to thus avoiding putting their careers at risk.

In conclusion, the above are some of the many challenges that graduates encounter in their transition from school to work. Some may encounter fraud, some may take a while to getting their dream jobs an some may give up in sending their resumes to different organizations and companies but getting to be fully employed one goes through many challenging processes and to overcome this one needs to be patient and work towards being the best thus be able to tap as many opportunities as possible. On the other hand one should work to improving and adding more skills so as to hold more opportunities that work to their favor. In other cases one should be able to learn that the work environment cannot forgive mistakes as some firms are profit oriented hence to keep their jobs they need to be more cautious and careful. One should be able to promote themselves and be at a position to venture for themselves when opportunities present themselves. It’s important to be smart in the job hunting process so as to counter many problems.


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School to Work Transition Challenges essay

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