Reasons for Advancing My Career Path

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I graduated from nursing school with a bachelor’s degree in 2004. Since then I have worked in various capacities. Owning and running a private home health agency is where my career let me too. I enjoy my day job but have wrestled over the years whether this was the endpoint of my career. To answer this question, I realize, I must have a clear vision and mission to guarantee the intended outcome.

Advancing my career was paramount to me why because I have over the years serve as an inspiration to my entire family. As the first child and son, I want to send the message to my family and children that the sky is the limit with education. According to Kristine L. Mackey “A nation’s brilliance and ability to prosper is directly dependent upon its people’s edification. America is considered a powerhouse internationally because its citizens recognize the importance of learning and the fact that continuing growth through knowledge is a powerful tool for maintaining such elite status globally”.

When I concluded that perhaps I will not be able to have an increased financial benefit, I was still fired up because I was doing this for self-aggrandizement, not money. I this new role, I will be able to fulfill a long dream of volunteering abroad as a nurse.

The epidemic of drug abuse, overdoses, and death, gun violence has again brought focus to mental health thereby increasing the demand for psychiatric nurse practitioners. I was faced with a dilemma on what path to chose. Free Essay on the Importance of Success, it clearly states, “Choosing the right path is very important. Changing of the roads again and again will lead us nowhere”.

With this in mind, it wasn’t clear which career path to chose. Should I follow the family nurse practitioner path or the psychiatric nurse practitioner track? Making the final decision wasn’t too difficult because money wasn’t the driving force behind my going back to school. I decided to follow the family nurse practitioner path because it 100% aligned with my dreams.

The next bridge to cross was deciding on with college to choose from and whether I have to do online studies or the traditional method of face to face. It was not too challenging because I have my friend Nji, who is part of my academic network team with a very good school and work ethics was a graduate of Walden. My kid sister who is a practicing family nurse practitioner contributed to the selection of which college to enroll in and settling with the Career path.

Both members of my academic network team wasted no time in outlining the challenges I will face in fulfilling this venture. When I decided to pursue the online MSN program at Walden, I really didn’t have many options because graduate studies in the US today are mostly online. I knew this was going to be hard. The fact that I was not particularly savvy with computers and never took an online course before, made the prospect more daunting. Success in online learning requires interaction between the learner, instructor, learners, and technology.

All my academic team members kept saying was we cannot sugar coat it, you will not have a life but if we can do it, you can also. There was no other way than working hard and harder. I found in 575 words a short essay on how to achieve the success that “Every success has a ratio of five percent inspiration and ninety-five percent perspiration. It is the patience, persistence, and perseverance which play a decisive role in success”.

Because I live was already planned, starting this program meant I had to come up with extra money to finance the project. Will I take out a loan versus sacrificing and paying out of pocket? We concluded that I will apply for student loans as a backup and see how far I can go paying out of pocket.

The last significant challenge I was made aware of was, will it be easy to secure a practicum site? Do I have a preference vis-a-vis a medical doctor and a nurse practitioner? If I chose a nurse practitioner, does Walden accept nurse practitioners as coaches in the practicum phase? As I am writing, I still can answer the above question but intend to talk to my academic adviser at Walden soon.

I quickly realize it was going to be a very tasking effort to succeed in this program. After the consultation, I decided that I must come out with a clear detailed successful academic plan tailored to meet my goals. Because online studies were very fast-paced, I must work on my time management skills. With these attributes, success awaits me. The quintessential academically successful online student can be described as self-motivated, self-directed, exhibiting an internal locus of control with above-average executive functioning, communication, interaction, and technological skills. My late mom’s dream for me has remained with me forever. It is my inner voice that propels me forward no matter how rocky the path might be. Sometimes people can fall off track but if they remember that practice makes perfect and seek additional resources, they will be able to stay motivated. Both my academic and professional team members reiterated the importance of staying motivated. One of the keys to success is to be able to self-motivate and not depend on external forces to deliver your drive”.

Though not a regular practicing Christian I know surrounding one’s self with supportive friends, classmates, and colleagues will guarantee the intended outcome. It will require hard work. But as Randall S. Hansen said in Empowering academic, college, and career success “find a balance that helps you grow and mature in multiple ways while still achieving the academic goals and success you seek”. When i started this program, i knew that if i overcome the challenges that come with the APA writing style, it will be a good start. Writing process is how you show your understanding of the course information and form your own opinion and are able to find supporting research for your ideas. Getting your priorities and goals in place is paramount. Goal setting requires assessment and problem-solving skills as well as application and organization.”

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