Pro Choice: Abortion Isn’t Murder

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Abortion is a controversially argued topic in the United States and the subject is rapidly growing every year. Nobody should have the ability to say why a woman can’t do what she believes is right with her body. The choice of abortion shouldn’t be others opinions, only the one receiving the action. The freedom of personal choice in family matters is protected by the 14th Amendment of the US Constitution. Opponents of this argument usually attack the idea that a foetus is ‘part’ of a woman’s body. The statement is commonly that a foetus is not just that as a leg or liver, but a person with its own life.

A foetus is physically a part of a woman’s body that she must carry with her so woman should have the ability to decide freely if she wants to rid herself of an unwanted foetus, being protected by the 14th amendment. Have you ever gotten the feeling of burden that stays by you, without any objection or delay? This is exactly how a woman would feel if she had to carry and birth a baby in which she may not be able to afford and care for. Would you like to have a child suffer or live a life below standard by the cause of letting it enter life unprepared for? Many abortions are the cause of not having a good environment set for the child or low funds for the child, not just because it is unwanted. Abortion is needed in many cases.

Access to legal, professionally-performed abortions reduces maternal injury and death caused by unsafe, illegal abortions. Many places won’t perform abortions because of their ruling or opinions on the subject. Our society and female population need to have clinics open for use if wanted when it comes to abortion, it shouldn’t be hard to find a location for this if it affects the future of the generations to come. In 1972, there were 39 maternal deaths from illegal abortions. By 1976, after Roe v. Wade had legalized abortion nationwide, this number dropped to two. From the showing statistics obviously it makes abortion clinics being opened legally a pro to the world. Women who are denied abortions are more likely to become unemployed, to be on public welfare, to be below the poverty line, and to become victims of domestic violence.

A University of California at San Francisco study found that women who were turned away from abortion clinics were three times more likely to be below the poverty level two years later than women who were able to obtain abortions. 76% of the ‘turnaways’ ended up on unemployment benefits, compared with 44% of the women who had abortions.

Many of the women wanting or receiving an abortion generally can’t afford a baby or the items that come with it, leaving them and the baby helpless and in poverty, a road way worse than just resolving it from the start. The debate between pro and con abortion is a huge department of arguments now and will continue to be in the years to come. In order for women seeking their future to be better financially and with higher stability, the topic of abortion needs to be seen as understandable and accepted. Legalized abortion is here and has already helped tremendously, continuing this can and will help the women in need of a better future, all it takes is an understandable mind towards others.


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