My Passion for Academic And Career Goals

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A lot of lives are tied to our sacrifices today, the future starts now, coming generations deserves a better life and a persistent effort in building the future will never be forgotten. On this note I tender my quest to pursue my Msc. degree in your highly eminent and reputable citadel of learning. The passion to help the younger generations started when I took up a teaching job in a college, after graduation and discovered the educational system needs a lot of improvement to have a better nation and economy. I was an Agricultural science teacher and the subject covered variety of fields including Aquaculture, most of my students were filled with the eagerness to know more about the field and this prompted me to research deeply in other to give them a fundamental basic knowledge about the field, it also boosted my desire to know more about the Aquaculture.

I am a citizen of a country that happens to be the largest fish consumer in Africa and yet the demand for fish outstrips its local production as a result of a decrease in the ocean fisheries caused by over-fishing, habitat destruction and pollution, Hence the need for an intensive aquaculture system for sustainability of fish and its resources. Having these understanding in addition to the basic knowledge acquired in my undergraduate study which exposed me to some range of field in Aquaculture, spanning across; Fish genetic, Fish production and management, Fish nutrition, Fish biology amongst others increased my passion for Aquaculture and gave me a clear focus of building my career in the field.

Currently, working with an organization as an Aquaculture Technical Executive trainee has exposed me to the various ways in which aquaculture is practiced in my country, Through this experience I have built a good reasoning skill thereby rendering appropriate technical services to farmers, driving sales of fish and fish feeds sustainability, leadership skill, team work and a good human relation.

I have a passion for academics and research and I look forward to bringing standards to this field as I pass on ideas to the generations to come. I believe studying abroad at Ghent University will be a monumental step in realizing my personal, academic, and career goals to my highest potential, conducting a masters studies and research with scholars would improve my knowledge and practical experience. Also, it will be a privilege to work, develop my post-graduation thesis and learn from professors with great experiences in theory and practice in Aquaculture, by these, taking back virtues from standard learning will go a long way in impacting the coming generations, contributing to the advancement of the aquaculture system in my country and the world at large.

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