My Main Goal in Career

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My main goal in life is to become a doctor. In high school, I participated in many different activities which helped me to discover my passion for health science. The summer before eleventh grade, I shadowed Dr. Dishant Shah, who is a radiologist. I would help him with the diagnosis of patients that he received. This opportunity allowed me to learn more about the human body and how it worked, as well as how to identify problems in it. This amazing opportunity served as my first exposure in the medical field and made me first seriously consider it. I got CPR and EMT certified over the past summer. These classes gave me valuable life-saving skills and the ride alongs that I had went on while getting EMT certified gave me exposure to actual patients and helped me realize how important jobs in the health science field are. I have been involved in the Shady Grove YMCA leaders club since eighth grade, and it has been a key factor in who I am today. In leaders club, we go out in the community and volunteer. It taught me how to work well with a team and how to lead people and take responsibility for my actions. It also helped me open up and made me more comfortable talking to people I have never met before. My immediate educational goal is to get into a college that will try and help me succeed in life. This college will have many different research opportunities as well as teachers who explain the material well and want the students to succeed.

While exploring the VCU Honors College website, I discovered many different opportunities that will assist me in pursuing my academic and career goals. I believe that the First-Year Writing Program will help me greatly in college and the rest of my life. This program will help me build on my writing skills as well as my critical thinking and reflection. The HONR 200 Rhetoric will help me greatly in college because I plan to do a lot of research at VCU. The HONR 250 Expository Writing course will expose me to the world around me in ways I was not ever able to do before in my academic life. I was born and raised in Richmond, and the Humans of RVA and VCU and Investigative Inquiry experiential learning courses will help me learn and get more involved in the city that I love. The Humans of RVA and VCU class will allow me to study Richmond history, current social issues and inequities, and the concepts of community and community engagement. In Investigative Inquiry, I will be able to learn more about the Richmond community by going to different places and events around the city.

The Freshman Research Institute and the Honors Summer Undergraduate Research Program are invaluable resources, as they will help me find research opportunities. Research is important because it will allow me to help advance science in addition to increasing my knowledge in a certain field, improve my critical thinking, and it will assist me with my writing and communication skills. The ability to register for classes early is a great opportunity that is offered by the Honors College. This will allow me to take classes that interest me and get professors that will help me maximize my knowledge in the class. The smaller class sizes will allow me to perform better in school because I will have more individual attention, increased participation, and better communication with the professor.

I find the focus on community service at the Honors College very important because I am aware of the importance of giving back to the community. I have been volunteering in the community since middle school through running and biking races, such as the Monument Avenue 10K, volunteering at hospitals, and working at my local YMCA. Over the years ii found that community service involvement is important because volunteering teaches people of all ages and backgrounds compassion and understanding. One thing I like about community service is that there are opportunities to improve and leave your mark on your global and local community.

I believe that the VCU Honors College will not only help me succeed in terms of a job but also will help me to grow as a person through the multitude of programs offered by the college. This program provides the best opportunities to help me succeed and prosper in life.

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