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For my Holocaust project I believe I chose some very interesting topics. My first topic is World War II Important Leaders, there are so many important leaders that helped World War II. My second topic is World War II Important Events, such as the Holocaust, and Concentration Camps. My third topic is Anne Frank, Anne Frank was a fascinating survivor of the Holocaust. Next we have Children of the Holocaust, Anne Frank would be in this category. Last, we have the Gestapo, the Gestapo is the German police. In conclusion, there are some very intriguing topics to talk about.

For my first topic, I will be doing World War II Important Leaders. My first important leader is Jack Sutin, Jack Sutin was a Jewish resistance leader who ambushed German troops, blew up bridges, and he was against Anti-Semitism. Next is Winston Churchill, Winston was the prime minister of England during World War II, and helped develop the earliest tank. Last is Dwight D. Eisenhower, Eisenhower was the President of the United States during the World War II, and made a truce with Korea and that helped the fighting and killing die down. In the end, all these people were great leaders.

Next, we have World War II Important Events. The first event is the invasion of Poland, this marked the beginning of World War II. Another important event is The Night Of Broken Glass, the Night Of Broken Glass was when the Nazis broke into Jewish homes and synagogues. Last, is when America dropped atomic bombs on Japan in 1945, this symbolized that World War II was ending. In conclusion, these events were a big part of World War II history.

Third is Anne Frank. Anne Frank was a 15 year old Jewish or a Juden, Holocaust victim. Anne Frank was 13 when she went into hiding in an attic above an office building, and was caught at the age of 15. When she was captured by the Gestapo, she and her sister Margot were sent to Bergen-Belsen concentration camp, and the only person who survived in her family was her dad Otto Frank. Anne Frank died in March 1945, but no one knows the exact day. One of the main reasons she is famous is because she wrote a diary about all her adventures and feelings as she was in hiding. Therefore, Anne Frank was another part of World War II History.

Fourth, is the Children of the Holocaust. For children the Holocaust wasn’t much different. One thing that happened to the children was when they were killed they took their organs and blood and gave them to German soldiers who needed it. Another thing was when they arrived at concentration camps or death camps they would just kill them immediately in gas chambers using Zyklon-B instead of working them to death. Also just like the adult Jews the kids also had to wear the Yellow Star of David if they were Jewish. To sum it up, Children of The Holocaust were treated similarly to the adults in the Holocaust.

Last but not least is the Gestapo. According to our Holocaust Project Vocabulary sheet the Gestapo is an abbreviation for Geheime Staatspolizei (Secret State Police), it’s pretty much the German police. The Gestapo was responsible for going to Ghettos and deporting them, Doing the selection process where they would decide who lives and who dies, and going to the Crematorium to cremate the dead bodies. Also, the Gestapo would just arrest innocent people in the street for no reason. In all, the Gestapo really affected the results of the Holocaust.

In conclusion, we have read about some very important times in history today. We’ve read about World War II’s Important leaders. Another thing we read was World War II Important Events. Third was Anne Frank and her story. Then the Children of the Holocaust. Last, was the Gestapo and all the things they did. As you can see, the Holocaust was a important part in history.

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My Holocaust Project essay

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