Isolation Theme: Life of Anne Frank

Updated May 5, 2022

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Isolation Theme: Life of Anne Frank essay

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Imagine feeling alone in an attic and living a lie. That’s what Anne Frank, a teenage girl had to experience. She had to live in an attic for 2 years hiding away from the Nazis during both years feeling miserable,unloved, and dejected. To let all of those feelings out she wrote them into her diary. Isolation is a significant theme in the Diary of Anne Frank because Anne always feels like nobody understands her, she doesn’t get the support she needs in life and, that she now lived in was different from her life before. Anne Frank felt as if she was misunderstood. A family is a group of people who share love and a special bond, but unfortunately for Anne Frank, such was the opposite. She dealt with a family she was not close too. Her mother was never there for her, her father had other priorities, and a sister that wanted nothing to do with her.

In all of these examples she felt misunderstood, lonely, and unwanted because everyone wanted to blame her for anything and everything. This is important because Anne Frank was very young and was expected to grow up in a matter of seconds. They expected her to be good at school, obedient, and just like her older sister who had varying character traits then Anne. For a young girl this was challenging and led her to misery and sadness. Furthermore Anne Frank didn’t get the support she needed. Whenever Anne and her mother fought her father would always take her mother’s side. Also, when Mrs.van Daan criticised Anne her mother would take Mrs.Vann Danns side. For example Mrs. van Daan was talking about how discouraged she gets with Bep and her mother, Anne volunteered to help but the grown ups replied with “stay out of conversation of this sort”.This is significant because this resulted to Anne feeling lonely and deserted. Anne had no one that would listen to her and abet her, this shows how Anne Frank didn’t get the support she needed in her life. Lastly Anne Frank’s life was extremely different than it was before the war.

Before the war Anne was just a regular girl, she had many friends, Dutch,German, Christian and Jewish and was a bright inquisitive student. On July 5 1942 her sister (Margot) got a letter saying that she will be sent away to a concentration camp. That lead to the Franks going into hiding in an Annex above Anne’s father’s company building. When they got to the Secret Annex they were set some rules, they couldn’t go outside, had to be quiet during the work days because of workers working down stairs, no looking out windows, no wasting food, and couldn’t use the bathroom during office hours. For Anne this was unsustainable, she loved looking at nature to calm down, and she was a very social person. The contrast between here life before the attic and after is very significant, being with the same people that always give you an earful about what she does wrong, and that everything is her fault and for an adolescence this would feel very isolating and lonesome.

Isolation Theme: Life of Anne Frank essay

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