My Career Choice

Updated January 11, 2022

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My Career Choice essay

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College can open up many doors to a persons search for their future career. Ever since I was a child, I had a career goal of being a homicide detective. My career choice was sparked by growing up with my mom and her being a paralegal she loved to watch crime TV shows, which was when I found my love for ‘The First 48’. I am attending college because I would like to have some background knowledge of what my career choice is going to be like before jumping into the police academy. I want to be that next person that stands out with the credentials for the job.

I want to be the person people look to when they need justice for their loved one. One of the classes that I have focused on my major is Intro to Crime Scene Tech, and this class has already taught me many different things that I have never seen before. I hope to excel and stay motivated in this class and maintain at least a B all semester. I believe I can do this because I have already been on top of my assignments in the class.

College also lets you learn how to grow with others and work together as a team and with my field of study teamwork is very important, so I believe that college is going to help me learn how to work well with other people. I was motivated to enroll in college because no one in my family has graduated from college. I also gained motivation from my parents, especially since they would always tell me they knew I would be very significant on a crime scene because they know I love to solve mysteries.

Solving out puzzled and riddles have always been a specialty to me I understand that homicide cases and mystery riddles are very different, but I think it still has helped motivate me to work harder because I have gotten too good at solving them. I know that when I graduate college and go into the police academy that I will be very prepared for what’s ahead of me because college will teach me plenty of different things that I will need to know.

I plan on either staying in Florida and moving to Miami to further my career there or moving out of the state to Tulsa, Oklahoma just because these two places are very well known for homicide cases with many still open and unresolved

My Career Choice essay

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