My Academic And Career Goals

Updated June 8, 2022

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My Academic And Career Goals essay

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In high school, I often felt like I couldn’t compare to the level that some of my non-Hispanic classmates were performing at. As a minority in the U.S., I assume most Hispanics feel the same way, not really knowing if they have the potential for more, if they’ll ever get an opportunity to prove themselves, or if the doors of opportunity will ever open for them to cross through. As a result, I think the major point that interested me about HACU was that the program helps students find the key to open the door to their future. It is an amazing opportunity to be able to explore a variety of different career paths, all of which encourage Hispanics to continue expanding their knowledge and skills. Being able to explore a variety of career options and working with people who are top in their field is the best way to prepare for the future, an experience that not a lot of Hispanics get to be a part of.

The HACU National Internship Program will enhance my academic and career goals by helping me develop the necessary skills needed for a successful future career. With the opportunity to work with a variety of professionals in different fields, I will have the opportunity to ask questions, learn from their experiences, and consider whether their occupation is something I would possibly be interested in. Also, I will have the opportunity to develop and improve on several different skills, like research, networking, and communication. All of these skills are important to any occupation but also to public service, which I have not been a part of in the past but hope to be more active in.

Public service is an important part of being involved in one’s community. It allows for people to learn about different groups of people, help out a community of people, and find different causes to support and work for. Professionally, public service can help one develop and achieve greater goals as well as gain valuable work experience, things that can’t really be obtained anywhere else. I hope to benefit from public service by gaining new contacts, references, and mentors that may help me on my path to a future career. From HACU, I also hope to gain new perspectives from the people that I will work with. I want to add to my critical thinking skills and learn to investigate solutions in different ways than how I do now. Lastly, I hope to develop initiative. From the volunteer work that I have done in the past, such as working with children with disabilities and being a Sunday school teacher, I have had practice with being an initiative person. However, different careers require different things, meaning that I have to learn to be adaptable to different situations and be able to think fast but accurately. To the program, I will bring my dedication and dependability. I will also be able to provide my own perspective on things as well as my open mindedness and motivation to learn more, do more, and be a part of something bigger within the community.

My Academic And Career Goals essay

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