Martin Luther and Protestant Reformation

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Here is the story of Martin Luther, a man who has inspired me for many years. Born in Germany in the year one thousand four hundred eighty-three, Martin Luther has changed Christianity. This story is one of a man who had a great impact on history. Martin Luther had an ample contribution in forming the Church as we know it today; his impact on Christianity lasts to our day. Martin Luther was a priest, professor of theology, composer, priest, monk, and a seminal figure in the Protestant Reformation.

Martin Luther’s main goal was to change or reform the church. He was an innovative reformer, unlike other reformers who attacked the church’s way of life Martin Luther attacked its doctrine or set of beliefs held and taught by a Church. He stood against clergy who sold indulgences or promises of remission from the punishment caused by sins. He believed that heaven had no materialistic cost. He believed that the clergy did a shameful act by selling indulgences; he believed that this act represented the filthy corruption that was happening in the Church, later on, he dedicated his whole life to stop this misery. He wrote many writings against this melancholy, his writings were very controversial, not only were they the reason why the Catholic Church started breaking apart, but they were also the reason that sparked the Protestant Reformation.

Martin Luther sacrificed everything to achieve his dream of correcting the Church’s devastating mistakes. He believed that everyone had the right to read the Bible, as a result, he translated the Bible which only existed in Latin and Greek to German which leads to spreading Christianity, the Bible, and the German language. Luther’s dream had a hefty cost full of damage and sacrifice it was an extravagant dream. His dream caused him to lose his only job as a priest, get excommunicated from the church by Pope Leo X, and to become considered as a heretic and an outlaw.

After he got excommunicated, he began to depart more and more from the church’s teachings. As a sign of rebellion, he decided to marry a nun named Katharina Von Bora in the year one thousand five hundred twenty-five, although the Roman-Catholic Church banned marriage for priests. Later on in life when he became old enough he regretted his actions because they caused a devastating amount of damage to the Church causing conflicts within the church which caused it to split.

This reformation made enormous changes in Christianity: before the Reformation, most people were Roman Catholics; nonetheless, after the Reformation, many new ways of following Christianity came out such as Lutherans. Martin Luther wrote many arguments against the papacy, the Jews and the Anabaptist. Luther’s influence spread across northern and Eastern Europe and his fame made Wittenberg an intellectual center. [BBC History] Martin Luther died on the eighteenth of February one thousand five hundred forty-six in Eileen.

I chose Martin Luther’s story because he had a very inspirational story. His story inspired me to fight and protest against corruption, nepotism, and malfeasance in our modern-day world. He inspired me to read, learn more, and to seek for perfection and knowledge because those who are in need aren’t the ones in need for food and nutrition, but they are the ones who are in need of knowledge. He inspired me to teach others using the knowledge God endued me with. He inspired me to civilize the uncivilized using my cultivated, scarce, and exceptional education. He inspired me to help those in need. He inspired me to fight for what is honorable and fight what is dishonoring.

I chose Martin Luther not only for the sake of his inspirational story but because his inspirational story taught me many lessons, practices, and teachings in life. Martin Luther taught me to criticize what others wouldn’t even dare to debate about. He taught me to always seek perfection and to seek for knowledge, whether this knowledge is religious knowledge or universal knowledge. He taught me to learn more and to disagree with what’s wrong. He taught me to defend my opinions until they are facts.

He taught me to defend my beliefs even if those beliefs are highly debatable and most people don’t agree with them. He taught me to fight corruption and to stand for what is right. He taught me that no matter what the circumstances are I must fight for what’s right. He taught to always seek for God’s forgiveness and to set heaven as my main goal. He taught me that knowledge is a right and not a privilege or benefit. He taught me to teach others and help others using my knowledge and wisdom. He taught me that sometimes fighting for what’s wrong will cause you harm, but you must not give up.

He taught me to never give up, and to always look for what’s positive. He taught me to defend my religion. I learned from him to seek for mortal excellence and become a virtue. He taught me to teach myself knowledge rather than ask others for knowledge. He taught me to create my own perspectives and opinions for every aspect of life. He taught me that the little things in life are those that matter. He taught me that becoming multilingual is a necessity and not a privilege. He taught me that language is the golden key to communication.

I choose Martin Luther not only because I was completely inspired by his story but because I saw myself represented in him. He represented me in the rebellious ways he talked, the way he stood against what he believed was wrong, and in the way, he sacrificed everything he destined to achieve his beliefs. Martin Luther is a diligent man with an inspirational story with many morals and lessons. It is a story of a simple man who dedicated his life to defend his beliefs for the sake of what he believed is a better future, a story of a sedulous man with consistent principles and values. Martin Luther had a simple belief a belief that changed Christianity forever making him one of the most important Protestant Reformers. This is a story of a fighter with great morals and principles who succeeded in engraving his life-changing story into history.

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