Madeline’s 18th Birthday

Updated January 8, 2022
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Madeline’s 18th Birthday essay

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Today is Madeline’s birthday, which means she has no longer been locked up 17 years in her house. Now she is 18. Madeline has this room and its her favorite in her house because most days she can imagine the glass falling away and she feels like being outside, breathing pure air. Like she always said, every day felt exactly the same for her. Madeline was in her room and she saw a guy sitting a moving truck. He is tall, has long hair and a black knit cap that cover his hair completely. He was wearing all black which was intimidating for Madeline. She heard what she believed it was his father said “Get down from the truck, Olly”. He glanced at her saying hi. Madeline smiled and looked away. In that moment she knew, everything would change.

Madeline’s mother was a doctor. In a few words, that made life easier. Madeline’s mother and her get along very well. Every year in Madeline’s birthday they ate her favorite cake and play a board game. Suddenly, the doorbell rings. It was Olly and her sister with a Bundt cake. Madeline’s mother rejected it, but Madeline watched everything from the doorbell camera. Madeline went to her room because she wanted to rest. Surprisingly, her window lead to Olly’s room. They talked and laugh. Olly gave his number to Madeline and started to chat all night.

One thing they had in common was that they where sleep deprived. Next day, Carla gave Madeline a present for her birthday. Carla noticed Madeline a bit happier. Carla asked Madeline what was going on and she told her everything. Carla was like Madeline’s best friend. Days passed by; Madeline was desperate to see Olly in person. Madeline asked Carla if Olly could come over just for a few minutes. Carla was an automatically no. But then, Carla went upstairs and told Madeline to get ready because Olly was going to be in the glass room in a few minutes. Madeline was really nervous. She went downstairs and there he was wearing black as always but thie time his hair looked neat.

Olly asked Madeline where would she go if she could go anywhere. The ocean. It was Madeline’s favorite place of the Earth. The second time Olly went to her house they didn’t respect the rule of don’t get too close. They kissed and it was July 4th, so the fireworks made it a hundred times more romantic and passionate. Madeline couldn’t believe it; she was so in love with him. It felt like a romantic movie. Next day, Madeline saw that Olly’s father was punching him and made lines first reaction was to see if he was alright, she went outside of her house. She couldn’t believe she do that.

Madeline’s mom yelled at her and ask her why would she risk her life for a stranger. Madeline’s mom noticed he wasn’t a stranger. “Poor Olly”, Madeline thought. At night, Olly tried to reach her by sending her a message but there was no respond. Olly grabbed a stone and throw it to Madeline’s window, she stood out and telling him she was ok. Madeline had no internet and no cellphone. Carla was fired after that because she let a “stranger” come in the house. Madeline felt guilty about it. Madeline realized she needed to do something. She bought airplane tickets to Hawaii. Madeline write a note to her mom telling her she needed to feel alive in some way. She told Olly everything and they went for their adventure.

Madeline saw the ocean for the first time and she was really happy. Everything was colorful, but Madeline was feeling a little sick and faint. She opened her eyes and was back at her house in her bed resting. When Madeline got better, she looked for the SCID papers when she was a baby, she didn’t find them and realized her mom told lies about the SCID disease. That means Madeline wasn’t sick at all and all she can think about was all the things she missed out these 18 years of her life.

Madeline’s 18th Birthday essay

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