Louse Mallard in ‘The Story of an Hour’ by Kate Chopin Review

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The protagonist of the story of an hour Mrs. Louse Mallard is an unhappy woman ,who is suffering from a heart condition ,and a discontented marriage . There is a whole lot told about her vague feelings when she learns about MR. Mallard’s presumed death, that we are certain of . for example: she thinks that existence of her husband was an impediment to her freedom. Her experiences took the form of words: “free, free, free!” (Chopin 262). This clearly shows that she was experiencing life after she heard the news of her husband’s death. The whole story is about her preservation. We see this when the other characters (Richard ,Josephine) ignore their own grief, to console Mrs. Mallard, without knowing her internal feelings.

Author Kate Chopin portrays Louise as a frail woman. The reader comes to know this right from the onset of the story when her medical condition is introduced. However, her frailty is not just of body but also of soul. That is why her sister Josephine tries to break the news of Mr. mallard’s presumed demise with a calm demeanor. Both Richard and Josephine try to the best of their ability to protect her. The author says that Mrs. Mallard sobs as a “child who has cried itself to sleep.” The phrase reveals that Mrs. Mallard was a woman of a weak will. Chopin describes Liouse as having very frail hands. It is her frailty that led to her eventual death.

The presumed demise of Mr. Mallard makes her feel free from any kind of abundant .”Free! Body and soul free!” she kept whispering. (16) Significantly, the emotions Mrs. Mallard feels in this moment are powerful and strong. This can be seen in the repeated use of exclamation points, the repeated emphasis on the idea of “freedom,” and the combination of her entire body and soul being caught up in this feeling. However, it seems like the feelings are almost too strong to be expressed. Mrs. Mallard can only “whisper” them

Everything For Mrs. Mallard changed drastically. Her love for life and the desire to live long, take an ironic twist when she sees her husband in the line of her eyes. Watching the husband alive in front of her works as a strongest shock to her. It strikes with such a force that it takes her life. It is clearly evident that her weak heart simply could not bear, what indeed was for her, the most tragic news. Her husband’s death meant life to her which she hoped would be long enough. “She says a prayer that her life might be long to enjoy all the seasons in her life”. (Chopin 262). While even the doctor proclaims that she died because she was overjoyed to see him alive, it was the opposite that happened. After having experienced a brief moment of what it was like to be free from an displeased relationship she just could not bring herself to the thought of living another moment of that repressed life.


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