Life of Sojourner Truth

Updated June 8, 2022

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Life of Sojourner Truth essay

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Did you know that Sojourner Truth once said ”It is the mind that made the body.” If you want to learn more amazing things about Sojourner Truth, finish reading this essay.

In 1797 Isabella Baumfree known as Sojourner Truth was born in Swartekill, New York. Her parents James and Betsy were owned by Harden bergh so she was born a slave. She had 10 – 12 brothers and sisters but she hardly met them because they were sold when they were young. Shortly after that she was sold at an auction with six sheep. Her owner John Neely spoke English and Isabella only knew how to speak Dutch. He would beat her because she couldn’t understand what he was saying. Eventually she taught herself English but she still had an accent. She was sold four other times and her last owner was John Dumont who was somewhat nicer so she stayed with him longer.

Isabella was held as a slave for a while. Eventually she fell in love with Robert but their owners thought it was unacceptable so they would not let them see each other. In 1817 they forced her to marry Thomas, one of the other slaves. They had five kids but one of them died shortly after birth. Although it was hard she kept working. Since she was such a great worker Dumont said she would be free the next year but when time came it would no longer stand. She was so furious she decided to escape. She took her youngest youngest child with her and snuck off the farm. Then she went to live with a white family named the Van Wageners. They were abolitionists which meant they thought slavery was wrong so they set her free. After that she joined a Methodist church. Peter went on a ship into the sea and shortly after Isabella did too. She changed her name to Sojourner Truth because Sojourner means traveler. When she came back she found out her husband Tom died of poor health. She moved to the city and saw the way women were unequally treated so she started a fight for women’s rights. She gave speeches and helped fight for women’s rights to vote. Finally on May 29th she gave her famous” Ain’t I a woman speech”. As she got older she left behind those things. She was tired and old but she sure made a big impact on the world.

Although Sojourner Truth passed away in 1883 she left behind many great examples. She helped fight against slavery and help with women’s rights by giving speechs and telling stories. Also she met Abraham Lincoln and made it into the National Women’s Hall of Fame.

Life of Sojourner Truth essay

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