Issue of Gay Marriage

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Moral issues have become very big throughout the world, and it seems that these issues are what causes the most controversy between people. One major moral issue that people have different views on is sexual morality. Some of these different views are conservative, moderate, and liberal. Based on the topic of sexual morality, I have more of a liberal/moderate view because the way that people choose to live their life based on their sexual behavior is up to them, and I have no judgments to make about it. Sexual morality has many critical components to it and a big one that will be focused on is the hot-button issue of gay marriage. Whether people agree with it or not it has become legalized throughout the United States, and its something that people and it needs to be discussed. Three main areas that will be focused on throughout the conversation of gay marriage is the moral arguments for/against it, whether it should remain legal or not, the pros and cons of gay marriage, and lastly how Corvino and Mappes view sexual morality as a whole.

The first thing that I want to discuss gay marriage and sexual morality is the moral arguments that are for and against it. Some arguments that are not for it say such things as children who are raised by homosexuals are more likely to experience gender and sexual disorders, they say that children need both a mother and father, it has been stated that it offends God, and lastly it is said by people that gay marriage is basically shoved down people’s throat to the point where you have no choice but to accept it. Since I have more of a liberal/moderate view I do not agree with these arguments that are being said. To address the first argument, I don’t think that just because two of the same sex parents raise you doesn’t mean that you will grow up with gender or sexual disorders.

Just because, two parents of the same sex raise you doesn’t make you any different from anyone else. We have to stop degrading people for the way people choose to live their life and just embrace the fact that they are happy and so should everyone else. Another argument that I would like to address from above, is that gay marriage is shoved down people’s throat to the point where you have no choice but to accept it. I do not agree with this statement, because no one has to agree on the same thing and just because you and another person do not agree on something doesn’t mean you can’t be friends because you most definitely can.

The next thing that needs to be discussed when talking about gay marriage is whether it should remain legal or not. Some people agree and others disagree, but honestly, it just depends on how you view homosexuals and sexual morality. A few reasons why people think that gay marriage should not remain legal is because they believe that marriage is for human procreation, legalizing marriage is leading people down the slippery slope, and lastly the same argument that children need to be raised by both a mother and father. To counter against these arguments I believe that marriage is just not for human procreation, it is much more. According to the dictionary, its states the marriage is the legally or formally recognized union of two people of persons in a personal relationship.

Nowhere in that statement does it state that marriage means procreation. Therefore, I also don’t agree with Saint Thomas Aquinas and how he doesn’t think that gay marriage is okay for the simple fact that human procreation is not involved. They also try to argue the point that gay marriage is leading other things down a slippery slope. They might be correct to an extent, but only if our country allows those things to happen. The last point that they try to argue for is the children need to grow up with both a mother and father. Like before, this point doesn’t make a whole lot of sense because two fathers and two mothers can raise a child just the same way as someone who was raised by both a mother and a father. Legalizing gay marriage across the United States should remain the same. This is because, it allows people to be who they indeed are, and not have to hide just because society says so.

Since people don’t agree on the topic of gay marriage, an excellent way to discuss this issue is to establish the pros and cons on each side. A few reasons why people are against gay marriage is because they say it goes against the word of God, it is immoral and unnatural, and marriage is only supposed to be for procreation. According to Eric Simpson, he states that the marital commitment between a man and a woman, he claims, is consummated by a single purpose, which is expressed by “fulfilling together the behavioral conditions of procreation.” I do not agree with this statement at all, because people should be getting married for love not just for procreation. If you don’t love each other in your marriage, then what is the point in being in a commitment together.

It’s understandable that people don’t agree with gay marriage because it does go against the word of God, but society is changing so much and homosexuals shouldn’t have to be quiet about their sexual morality. It’s their life, and their choice so, therefore, we have no place. They also state that gay marriage is immoral and unnatural. This argument can also be countered, because since people didn’t marry to the same gender back then they think that now it is not okay. If two people are happily in love than it shouldn’t be an issue to why they can’t get married. A story that I would like to share about gay marriage is where a same-sex couple went to ask a baker to make a cake for them for their wedding and the baker refused to because they were a same-sex couple.

Many people thought the baker was denying them was the wrong thing to do, but the couple could have smoothly gone to another baker to ask them to bake the cake. Many people look at is as the baker was the discriminating the couple because they were same-sex. What people don’t understand is that we have to accept other people’s values and morals just as much as they have to accept ours. So, therefore, the same-sex couple just needed to leave the bakery and find someone else by understanding that the baker didn’t want to go against his values.

Thomas Mappes and John Corvino had a lot to say when it came to sexual morality and homosexuals. Something that Mappes had to say about sexual morality is that he takes more of the Kantian sexual ethics approach, which means that it is morally wrong for person A to use person B to achieve person A’s needs. I agree with what Mappes is saying because you shouldn’t be using someone to just benefit yourself. If you do this then it shows that you don’t truly love the person you are just more into the commitment for yourself. John Corvino says that just two people getting involved can affect the whole community that you are surrounded by. Corvino and Mappes make excellent arguments and it shows you should not use another person in a marriage to benefit yourself, and also that your marriage just doesn’t affect you it affects everyone around you. Whether they agree with you or not they just have to accept who you are and who you’re with.

A big moral issue in the U.S. is about sexual morality. An even bigger issue based off of that is gay marriage. I have more of a liberal/moderate view of gay marriage. If you choose to live that lifestyle it is totally up to you and therefore no one should judge you of the choices you make.

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