In Search of History: Scourge of the Black Death

Updated October 7, 2021

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In Search of History: Scourge of the Black Death essay

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The video “Scourge of the Black Death” is about when the Black Death struck medieval Europe in the 14th century, a great number of people died. Some people believed that God sent it to punish the sins of the world. The plague swept from Egypt through Asia Minor and Europe on a path of destruction, killing more than 100 million in countless outbreaks and plunging the world into the Dark Ages. The deadliest disease to ever strike people. This essay contains the main points of Black death. The main idea is what was the situation, how it spread-symptoms, and what was the cure.

The terrifying plague was the greatest human catastrophe in medieval Europe in 1348. People were scared of death and Physicians were helpless to stop the plague. According to the video, “They died and no one could be found to bury the dead.” In only a couple of awful weeks patients died within hours, and most patients suffered over five days. Those people who lived in its shadow, it forced them away from their friends and family (loved ones). The circumstance became awful that there was no one to bury the dead bodies. It is more terrifying than the fear of death was the prospect of what lay beyond the grave. People died so quickly that not everyone could get the final ceremony.

By the spring of 1348, the shadow of the Black Death spread across southern Europe and infected major cities. Even the cause remained unknown. All they knew was that its symptoms were horrible beyond imagining. The skin cells of the victim died and his body turned black. It was not until 1896 that a French biologist, Alexandre Yersin isolated the plague bacteria under a microscope and concluded, “that rodents, along with the fleas that fed on them, were the primary carriers of the dreaded disease.” The rodents spread the plague, which is caused by the bacterium Yersinia pestis. The bacterium infects fleas on rats, and when the rats die, the fleas jump to humans and infect them. Rats were also responsible for spreading more plague.

One of the most common treatments was blood-letting (which means withdrawing blood from patients to prevent disease). They also used perfumes because if the air around them smelled good, they believed that it would keep them from the illness. According to the video, “Another recipe involved taking hot onions and applying them to the sores.” They tried strange attempts and treatments to get rid of it. Physicians dressed up as beings from another world. They wore protective clothes, long gowns, long gauntlets, or gloves that would cover their hands and a mask that cover their face. People tried everything to prevent the plague. They carried flowers, kept their windows closed, avoided taking naps during the day, and changed their diets.

This topic is very important in world history because it was the second disaster in Europe during the Late Middle Ages. It changed people’s lives across Europe. This pandemic is still relevant today and is a reminder to the world of the potential for widespread and devastating infectious diseases. A pandemic is an infectious disease that impacts people across a wide area, including the whole planet.

I have learned many things from this video. I was shocked when I got to know how many people have died due to this plague. This topic is relevant today. The coronavirus disease 2019, there is no cure and vaccine the same as a plague in 1348. Many people are dying from this disease and we don’t even know when it will end. We can love God for everyone. Today we know much about this ancient scourge, and modern medicine can contain it. But there is consistently the threat that a new, disease-resistant pressure could once again prove to be a major threat to mankind.

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In Search of History: Scourge of the Black Death essay

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