Illegal Immigration and Drunk Driving

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I chose the video Bill O’Reilly and Geraldo Rivera bust-up. The video contains a fight about illegal immigration and drunk driving. Geraldo Rivera is arguing about the reason that they are making such a big deal about this drunk driving episode in Virginia is that it was an illegal immigrant.

While Bill argues that the guy should have been deported after the first few run-ins with the police. Bill says that had the guy been deported this whole drunk driving incident could have been prevented. They get into a huge argument and continue to talk over one another. Rivera argues that it should not matter what race or nationality you are when you are driving under the influence or breaking the law.

In other words, all should be treated equally. He proves his point by stating that if you look at our jails, you are more likely to see a citizen over an illegal alien. Stating that citizens commit a higher rate of crimes than illegal citizens. when Rivera also uses other drunk driving fatalities that happened in Virginia Beach and wants to know why others didn’t look at those the way they are looking at this one. So, in the end, Geraldo had more evidence to back up his argument than Bill.

When evaluating and analyzing arguments with the four tests with the information given. I think that the first test of truthfulness passes because they both have truth to them just look at things differently and have their own opinions. And the second test the logical strength test also passes because I believe that both have logical evidence. And the third test of relevance. I feel like Bill lacks evidence, so he does not pass.

Unlike Rivera has good evidence to back up his argument. And has appointed when he states, “illegal immigration and drunk driving don’t go hand in hand”. And the final test of non-circularity fails because the reason does not depend on the claim.

One fallacy that I saw in this argument was the straw man fallacy. When Bill tries directing attention toward the alteration and away from the true issue. He is being very inconsiderate of others.


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Yes, it is possible to be deported for a DUI in California if the offense is considered a crime of moral turpitude or aggravated felony. The severity of the offense and the individual's immigration status will determine the likelihood of deportation.
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If you are not a U.S. citizen, you may be deported for a DUI conviction in Texas. If you are a U.S. citizen, you will not be deported for a DUI conviction in Texas.
Does a DUI make you inadmissible to the US?
If you are convicted of driving under the influence of alcohol or drugs, you may be inadmissible to the United States. Inadmissibility means that you are unable to enter the United States.
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