How Does Stephen King Write?

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The American writer, Stephen King was born on September 21, 1947 in Portland. He is a writer of exceptionally mainstream horror books, a significant number of which have been taken to the film with wonderful achievement. Stephen King is in Guinness record as the author alive with the greatest number of adaptations, and he adds and continues. He began composing at an early age, selling his novels to his partners and sending them to daily papers.

His first novel was Carrie in 1974, a story about a young lady with mystic forces, which at first, he discarded, however because of his wife. He continued the story and it finished up being one of his most prominent triumphs. Later, prompted the film. From this extraordinary open achievement more works like: The Mystery of Salem’s Lot (1975), The Shining (1977), The Dead Zone (1979), Cujo (1981), Animal Cemetery (1983), It (1986), Misery (1987), The Dome (2009), Doctor Dream (2013), Revival (2013), several of them also taken to the movies.

The book is divided into two sections: the first, which is the briefest, talks about his autobiography. Stephen structures on writing essentially on his life, in that includes childhood, adolescence in high school, adulthood and his hard beginning as a writer. Also, he fair us everything by connecting fragmentary anecdotes to his writing. He talks about his appreciation for horror movies and how he began composing them at school. In addition, he says how he met his wife Tabitha and how he got his fist accomplishment with Carrie.

Then, the story goes on with the most fruitful times of Stephen, the climax of his carrier as a writer. On contrary from the first part, he opens up and goes into a more personal part of his life; he uncovers and states how he wrote Cujo, Tommyknockers and Wretchedness to say some affected by liquor and medications, yet, he gets help from his family he got away from this. They decided to act together to put an end to that spiral of self-destruction. They showed him the waste of his study/time. At long last, on the book he reveals to us how he almost dies during the summer of 1999 While passing through the arch of a highway, he was hit by a car. His injuries were very serious and after several operations and of course with his family help, Stephen resumed work where he had left it in the novel On Writing.

What’s more, on writing is an autobiography of Stephen King accurate collection of memoirs, love of writing, language and stories. Also, in the book Stephen analyzes telling a story with carpentry, that metaphor states that the writer(carpenter) must have a toolbox (The reading). In addition, He also talks about writing with paleontology which means telling a good story is to discover it, to unearth it; piece to piece, like a fossil. You should never make a summary, synopsis, general thought in advance of the story you want to tell. Be that as it may, to give it a specific perspective before uncovering it is to limit it, to constrain it to fit into our first impression that may not be the right one.

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