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Highschool Sports Experience

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Highschool Sports Experience essay
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How would you describe your highschool sports experience? I describe mines as all the way sexus. In every sport at McClymonds high school the boys teams are treated way better than the female teams. I will specifically be targeting the cheer team and the football team.There are many cheerleading disparities. In the past cheerleaders has distress by treatment and still today we feel that way. When you hear of Mack you think of football. If you think of football why wouldn’t you think of the cheerleaders also? McClymonds cheerleaders are poorly treated because they don’t have fair structure, funding, or overall treatment.

The 1st reason McClymonds cheerleaders are poorly treated is because we have no structure. When we come to school we are unsure if we will have practice that day or not. Sometimes we aren’t even allowed to go inside OUR cheer room and practice. We are told to go straight to the field and not to go in the room at all. Often we have to suffer (run) for things we don’t even do and we have no chance to defend ourselves. Merisha Walker, our cheer coach, says “You all will no longer suffer as a team. If you get into any trouble you will suffer for your own good.” Still to this day we have not abided by that rule yet and if we even try to speak up it will be more than what it already was. This explains how 75% of the time we are being played by mind games. I demand more respect for me and my team.

The 2nd reason McClymonds cheerleaders are poorly treated is because of funding. Cheerleaders typically spend $350-$550 a year on cheer uniforms. This current year we spent $550 on uniforms. Some cheerleaders were not able to cheer at a few games because their full payment wasn’t turned in. I demand that OUSD matches half of each cheerleaders cost. Another reason funding is a poor treatment to cheerleaders is because the football team gets all kinds of sponsorships from the Oakland Raiders and other foundations all the time. Just yesterday (Oct.29,2018) the football team got a $20,000 check the Raiders. The cheerleaders have not got anything from anybody. Football players are offered many trips to different camps all over and cheerleaders haven’t been to not one. I feel like we pay all this money and dont get nothing in return. Clearly this shows cheerleaders aren’t given equitable ppurtunities like the football players. I demand that Coaches, Principles, Staff, OUSD, and organizations show us the same love that they show the football players.

The last reason is cheerleaders are poorly treated overall. When it comes to game days we dont even have our own bus. All three teams (JV, Cheerleaders, and Varsity) share the same bus. We are the last to be picked up and the first to leave. We arrive late in the 1st quarter and leave as soon as 3rd quarter ends. When there is a home game the opposing team takes over our locker room and bathroom so from 4:30-when the game ends we cant even use our GIRLS restrom. Also we there is a away game we have no where to change into uniform nor do our hair and face. This explains how cheerleaders aren’t as big of a priority as the football team. I demand you create a space for a change.

McClymonds cheerleaders are treated like the bottom of the barrell because of facilities, ways that things are financially covered and the fairness/equity of treatment. It seems as if instead of us being all together we are against eachother and you all are making it that way. You give us games to cheer at and coaches to watch us. We NEED our own bus, producitve coaching, fairness and equality, money matched to what we have to pay for, and RESPECT AS YOUNG BLACK LADIES.

Highschool Sports Experience essay

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