Hidden Figures Film Review

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Three amazing black women who worked for NASA. These three woman battled with sexism,racism, and ended with heroism. The director of Hidden Figures is Theodore Melfi.The producers are Peter Chernin, Jamal Daniel, DonnaGigliotti, Kevin Halloran, Ivana Lombardi, Theodore Melfi, Kimberly Quinn, Margot Lee Shetterly, Jenno Topping, Mimi Valdes, Pharrell Williams, and Pharrell Williams. The director and producers tied these great moments together displaying the racism,sexism, and heroism between these three beautiful women. The movie is showcasing the amazing fight these women fought. The hardships they went through to be treated equal. The discipline,dedication, and determinate that these women had to be successful.

Racism played one of the major roles in Mrs. Johnson’s, Mrs. Jackson ‘s, and Ms. Vaughan’s disadvantages in reaching their full potential easily. Mrs. Johnson could not use the same restroom as a white woman, she had to run several times half a mile to the restroom. She could not drink coffee from the same coffee pot that the white people used. They also ate at different places as the white people. Mrs. Johnson’s first day on the job she was mistaken for a janitor. Mrs. Mitchell told Mrs. Johnson “they never had a colored work in the computer room so don’t embarrass me”. Mrs. Johnson checked all the numbers in the office Paul turned his paper and told her “work with what you can read the rest is classified and you don’t have the clearance”. Ms. Vaughan was thrown out of a public library for daring to browse in the whites only section of the library. At work Ms.Vaughan fighting to be supervisor but Mrs. Mitchell told her “they have never hired a colored to be a supervisor”. Mrs. Jackson had to go to court to get permission to take courses at a segregated night school. This made the three women eager to work harder to be the first black woman to send the first rocket into space.

The three women also dealt with sexism as well more than anyone would ever imagine. Mrs. Jackson was told by her husband that woman can’t possibly become an engineer. When Mrs. Jackson began to attend night school the teacher told her “the class was not for teaching woman”. Colonel Johnson asked Mrs. Johnson if NASA allowed women to handle that sort of work as if it was something unrealistic. Mrs. Johnson had trouble keeping up with the math calculations so she asked to attend the meetings, she was told that no woman has ever attended any of their meetings. These three women were not given credit for their work until the rocket flew into space successfully.

Heroism was displayed in a way that was very optimistic. The most heroic event that happened Mr. Harrison tearing down the colored sign on the restroom and the coffee pot. He said “here at NASA we all pee the same color”. He took that need step to say we are all equal and everyone will be treated as such. When Mrs. Johnson was a little girl her teachers put money together for her parents to move so she could attend an all white school. Mrs. Johnson helped fly the first rocket into space and complete seven rounds around earth. Mrs. Johnson went to perform calculations for the Apollo II mission to the moon and the space shuttle. At the age of 97, Mrs. Johnson was awarded the presidential Medal of Freedom. Mrs. Vaughan was the first African American supervisor.When Ms.Vaughan was given the opportunity to become supervisor she said She will not accept the reassignment unless she bring her girl’s with her. She continued as a Fortran specialist, on the frontier of electronic computing, she was regarded as of the most brilliant minds in NASA. Mrs. Jackson was able to persuade the judge to choose her to be the first african american to go to an all white school. Mrs. Jackson became NASA’s and American first African American aeronautical engineer. The most memorable moment is when astronaut John made time to shake all three of their hands and have a small conversation with them.

Hidden Figures should be rated five stars. Katherine, Mary, and Dorothy are wonderful role models. They all studied and worked hard and persevered in fields that few women much less women of color excelled in at the time. They’re disciplined, intelligent women who think outside the box to brainstorm ideas and make themselves indispensable. They didn’t let the obvious and overt racism they have to face stop them. This movie has historical morals and messages that everyone could benefit off of. This movie recalls incredible story of three inspiring woman who helped shape American history.

Specifically, it recounts the struggles of three black women, at NASA in the early 1960s a time when racial segregation and gender discrimination was considered normal. The story took time at a place where, segregation and discrimination against African-Americans, who were legally obligated to use separate workplaces, eating places, and restrooms as well. It brings to life the everyday indignities of a segregated society while delivering an exciting and empowering true story. Also, for modern kids, it is also a fascinating lesson about life before computers. Hidden Figures portrays the hardships that black women at NASA faced in the years before the Civil Rights Act.

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Is the movie Hidden Figures 100 true?
As with most biographical films, Hidden Figures takes some creative liberties and dramatizes certain events for cinematic effect. However, the core story of the brilliant African-American women who helped NASA launch its first successful space missions is based on real-life events and experiences.
Is the movie Hidden Figures accurate?
Yes, the movie is accurate. It is based on a book of the same name, which is a true story.
What is the message of the film hidden figures?
The message of the film hidden figures is that women are just as capable as men, if not more so. The film also highlights the importance of working together towards a common goal.
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