Either Love Them Or Hate Them

Updated September 13, 2022

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Either Love Them Or Hate Them essay

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Heroes. Tragic to Anti. Loveable to Forgettable. Either Love them or Hate them. Heroes in all are what everybody needs but doesn’t necessarily wants. Heroes persay are the glue that keeps everyone and everything together. They either can do something amazing like save a kitten from a tree that makes them being loved by everyone in there community or clean up a dirty trash from the stream and even though that deed is good it would probably make them more forgettable then the person who saved a cat from a tree. Everyone has a different definition of an hero and what they should do and the manner of how they should do it in. Heroes often follow their set own moral code through the choices they make. Heroes are someone who attracts attention from others but directs it to the well being of other people by risking their lives for the greater good of humanity, their moral beliefs, for someone they love, or because of obligation through Connor, Kara, and Markus from Detroit Become Human. Detroit: Become Human is a survival game set in Motoring City, Detroit in 2038. The government has created android, who look like human beings, take place of everyday things like who are workers, caregivers, garners, nurses, teachers, clerks, etc. The story starts of with unexplained events that begins to make android become “deviants” by showing emotions when they are suppose to be emotionless.

Connor who is an law enforcement android that investigates reports of deviant androids with feelings. He was sent by CyberLife to assist Lieutenant Hank, who is an alcoholic that hates androids. Throughout the investigation in searching for the outbreak of deviant androids. During one of their investigation of a deviant android who killed his owner Connor finds out a group called RA9 that androids all of the world worship. When Connor talks to the deviant android about RA9 during his interrogation, “The day shall come when we will no longer be slaves, no more threats, no more humiliation, we will be the masters.” During his hunt for Markus’s group, Connor starts to doubts himself but he has to stay strong in his beliefs when he talks to Kamski the retired creator of the androids. Kamski says to him when he tell to Connor to shoot another android, “What’s more important to you, Connor? Your investigation, or the life of this android? Decide who you are. An obedient machine or a living being endowed with free will. Pull the trigger and I’ll tell you want you wanna know… Fascinating, CyberLife’s last chance to save humanity… is itself a deviant… You prefered to spare a machine rather than accomplish your mission. You saw a living being in this android. You showed empathy.” He eventually locates Jericho (RA9) where he then becomes a deviant himself when he listens to Markus’s speech when Connor tells him to turn himself in. Markus says to Connor, “Have you never wondered who you really are? Whether you’re just a machine executing a program or a living being. Capable of reason. I think the time has come for you to ask yourself that question. Join us. Join your people. You are one of us. Listen to your conscience… It’s time to decide.” Through all of his doubts that he had in his mind Connor finally decides to become a deviant changing his beliefs/morals he originally had during the beginning of the game. Connor infiltrates CyberLife Tower and converts everyone there into deviants. Through all of his questioning Connor attempts to snipe Markus during his final protest, but is stopped by Hank. You can feel the pressure Connor feels to accomplish all of his missions. No matter how much Connor believes he’s a machine, he isn’t. He was a deviant from the start, even only a little. He simply never chose to go against his programming until he realized he what he was.

Kara, the first to become deviant out of all of the main three protagonists. Kara who is a housekeeper for Todd Williams and his daughter Alice. Todd gets angry one night and take his anger out on Alice. Kara breaks her programming and attacks Todd just in time and both of them escape leaving Kara a deviant. When Kara tells Alice that everything is going to be alright when she says that she is scared, “We can’t change the past Alice, but we can decide the future. Were gonna pull through and soon all of this will just be a bad memory.” The two travel across Detroit, try to make it to Canada which has no specific laws involving androids and to be in a safe place. On their journey they befriend another android named Luther who joins them in getting into Canada. When Kara talks about Alice to Luther,“She needs me. And I need her. It’s as simple as that.” She abandoned everything to take care of the person that she loves, Alice. They seek aid of an android sympathiser that points them into the path of Jericho who helps them get passports. When they are their Kara learns that Alive is in fact an android that replaced Todd daughter when his wife and daughter left him when he didn’t doing drugs. They make it to Canada on boat. When Kara started to question why see was doing all, she just turns it into something that says to leave it all behind to protect Alice. “One error and I came to life. I stepped out of the darkness and I opened my eyes. First there was the fear, the light, the noise, the cold, and the fear again. I could feel my hands shaking, my heart pounding in my chest, life running into my veins. I wanted to live. I fought for that.” This builds up and transforms into this unwavering resolve to fight back no matter the price for the Deviants and for Alice because she is doing it for someone she loves.

Markus is the second android to become deviant. Carl who Markus was taking care of before he died was a famous painter. When in Carl’s painting room, Carl says to Markus about his painting and instructing him to paint something that is meaningful to him, “That is a perfect copy of reality, the painting is not about replicating the world it about interpreting it and improving on it. Showing something you see… Try to imagine something that doesn’t exist, something that you’ve never seen. Now concentrate, on how it makes you feel and let your hand drift across the canvas.” He thought Markus that it was okay to have feeling and to follow his own moral code/beliefs. Some civilians in the society thinks that androids shouldn’t have been created because they are now jobless, them not being permitted into place, and beating them up on the streets. But also are treated like “slaves” who has to listen to every word their “owner” says and do exactly what they say. Markus and and his owner return home and alert the police of a burglary in progress. In confronting the suspect, Markus bypasses his programming to protect his owner and himself, therefore becoming a deviant android with full autonomy, leading the police to shoot him when they arrived on the scene. Markus awakes in a landfill full of broken androids, and after escaping, he discovers Jericho (RA9), a wrecked ship and safe haven for deviants. There, Markus rallies all of the androids at Jericho and helps him fight for their rights. They break into Woodward Mall Center to launch their movement that catches the public’s attention that gets more androids to join their movement. Which reaches the peak of the movement when the FBI starts to attack Jericho. Markus and the rest of Jericho having a standoff with the FBI, Markus makes a speech to the people of Jericho and the FBI, “There’s something inside me that knows that I am more than what they say. I am alive, and they’re not gonna take that from me anymore.” Markus and the others who has survived set up a final march, resulting in the president giving an open peace talk. In Markus’s journey he fights for the androids humanity and also for his moral beliefs. Markus talking to “The time has come for us to raise our heads up, and tell humans who we really are. We must make them our partners. Maybe even one day our friends. But the time for anger is over. Now we must build a common future, based on tolerance and respect. We are alive! And now, we are free!” Markus is characterized as the leader of the revolutionary movement that tries to bring together all of the androids that tries to make a change in how the androids are treated.

In Beowulf, he was represented as the perfect hero, “the hero of all heroes,” who could do no wrong. Beowulf is strong and very caring. Once he makes a vow and stands by his words, no matter what the cost, even if it is his life. He is reluctant to back down from his battles, just so he can be there for the people who need to be saved from some great evil. He signifies the true heroic hacater because he is willing to risk his life for his ideals which replicates the ideals in Connor, Kara, and Markus in their beliefs and morals that they have for themself and how they are willing to die to achieve their morals. In Detroit: Become Human focuses on the three main character Connor, Kara, and Markus. They all represent of wanting to be human, find freedom, and doing what’s right. In everyday society everyone has their own version of hero and what they should do and act like, but there three characters are a hero in my eye. They follow their own sets of moral beliefs and codes through all of the decisions that they made throughout the story.

Either Love Them Or Hate Them essay

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