Hamlet: Good to Evil

Updated October 18, 2020

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Hamlet: Good to Evil essay

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In the opening of Shakespeare’s play “Hamlet”, Prince Hamlet, Prince of Denmark, is seen as a noble and well respected prince amongst citizens. But this changes after a sequence of events occur such as the murder of his father, Queen Gertrude’s quick and suspicious marriage, and hearing about his love Ophelia’s demise. After every act, Hamlet has been changing from what seems to be good to evil.

This sudden change in Hamlet’s character started when the ghost of King Hamlet had informed Hamlet of his murder, with Cladius being the kller. At this point, the tone of the play begins as Hamlet promises he will avenge his fathers murder, and starts to set up a plan to kill Claudius for his father. Hamlet’s character from this point on had seemed to become a revenge seeking madman. When Hamlet does eventually kill Claudius, he didn’t do it for his own satisfaction, but also for the will of his father’s ghost.

In the play, Hamlet didn’t only kill Cladius for his vengeance, but he had also murdered Polonius, thinking it was Cladius instead. When it was revealed that Polonius was killed instead, Hamlet pretty much just shook it off, claiming that he deserved it and had it coming. “Thou wretched, rash, intruding fool, farewell! I took thee for thy better. Take thy fortune.” (III. IV. 41-44). In this quote, Hamlet insults Polonius, and gives him a harsh farewell. This act by Hamlet would not have been expected when comparing the same character from the start of the play.

This crave and urge to kill Cladius had caused Hamlet to also over think actions. This can be proven when he had a chance to kill Cladius, but decided not to. What had led to his decision making is that Hamlet believed that if he were to kill Claudius while he was praying and asking for forgiveness, he wouldn’t be sent to hell in the afterlife, but be in heaven. Knowing this, Hamlet decided it was best to kill Claduis elsewhere to he can be sent to hell for his sins, and not heaven.

Hamlet’s character had been destroyed from a good minded student, to a vengeance seeking monster, because of his revenge to Cladius. Hamlet changed has been noticed by others, causing them to believe that Hamlet had indeed, become mad. Hamlet acknowledges his change in attitude difference, but doesn’t care as long as he will seek revenge for his fathers murder. Hamlet becomes a victim of his decisions because he would never forgive his uncle Cladius no matter what, and his mother for marrying Claudius as well, leaving Hamlet feeling betrayed.

Hamlet lets the evil in his heart to consume his mind, and this eventually gets him killed at such a young age. What people can take away from this play is this is no way to solve a conflict by being stubborn and letting had take over your decision making. This is what had unfortunately happened to Hamlet, by letting his evil and hate take over his good personality throughout the play.

Hamlet: Good to Evil essay

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