Give Thanks in Thanksgiving Day

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Over twenty two million dollars were raised by many companies for the twenty fifteen St. Jude’s Give Thanks commercial. St. Jude’s is a children’s hospital that isprimarily supported by donations. With these donations no family has to worry about a bill for treatment, travel, housing or food. Because Thanksgiving is a holiday that everyone enjoys and celebrates; St. Jude made a smart choice choosing to advertise this way. During thanksgiving you give thanks for everything that you have. In the St. Jude’s Give Thanks commercial it shows, parents, not worried about shopping or cooking for the in-laws, but focused on getting treatment for their child. Celebrities like Jennifer Aniston and Jimmy Kimmel encourage you to donate to St. Jude Children’s Research Hospital in the fight against cancer. The St. Jude’s Give Thanks commercial targets parents to donate by using celebrity spokespersons and sad background music.

One of the ways that the St. Jude’s Give Thanks commercial persuades the audience to donate to their charity is by using popular celebrity spokespersons. By using these popular celebrity spokespersons the commercial gains instant publicity. The celebrities encourage more and more people to become more aware about the charity their favorite celebrity happens to be supporting. In the commercial each celebrity says something very meaningful like“So if you have healthy children, give thanks” which makes the viewers have pity. What they say makes people change their perspective about the situations that are presentedin the commercial. These advertisements certainly will leave some sort of emotions, therefore it would make you remember the advertisements throughout the whole day.

The spokespersons work well because it makes the audience, parents who aren’t as considerate at the moment, to feel guilty. Another way that the commercial creates this guilt is with the images that are being presented throughout the commercial. The images work well by showing cancer kids have it hard in life, but the music is what really makes the commercial effective. The music is slow and has a soft melody. This music in combination with the images, links awareness and sympathy, thus making viewers believe that they should be more grateful for what they have. Music is viewed as an important background feature in advertising because of its wide use and ability to enhance viewer arousal and affect. Previous research exploring the effects of music on emotional response and behavior has had mixed results. The images work well making the audience feel sentimental towards the children that are in desperate need of help. This makes the audience want to help, and if they want to help, they should give donations to St. Jude’s.

Overall, St. Jude’s Give Thanks commercial uses spokespersons and sad background music makes parent viewers believe that donating is important. The commercial uses multiple spokespersons to make people be more grateful and be encouraged to help others. The music adds to this by calling the attention of the viewers so they will participate in donating. These devices make the audience feel sentimental about not being as grateful and this helps them realize that they need to donate.

Overall, after the commercial aired during thanksgiving, St. Judes donations increased largely, thus proving that this commercial was effective.

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Do people give thanks on thanksgiving?
Yes, people give thanks on Thanksgiving. It is a time to be thankful for what we have.
How do you say thanks on Thanksgiving Day?
In the United States, people typically say "thanks" or "thank you" on Thanksgiving Day.
What do you give thanks for on thanksgiving?
I am thankful for my family and friends. I am also thankful for my health.
What is the difference between thanksgiving and giving thanks?
Thanksgiving is not only expressing thankful appreciation but also about paying it forward . As you gather for Thanksgiving this year, remember that it's not about the turkey, the mashed potatoes or the stuffing. It's about the two words: THANKS and GIVING.
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