How Imperialism and Manifest Destiny Affect American Workplaces Today

Updated April 19, 2022

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How Imperialism and Manifest Destiny Affect American Workplaces Today essay

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In my paper I will be discussing how American Imperialism and Manifest Destiny affect American workplaces today. I will also be going over how American Imperialism has changed the demographics in the workforce. I will also be giving an example of how at least one group has been impacted by United States immigration and expansion.

We are long past the beginning of American Imperialism and Manifest Destiny, yet to this day we are still feelings it’s affect. The United States is always trying to stick its foot sort of speak into other countries’ economies. They are always trying to expand their influence across the globe. As a result, many companies decided to branch out to other areas of the world. Often times in these other countries you will see laws that are a bit more relaxed and not quite so many regulations to follow. As well as most of the time the companies are able to get away paying their employees far less overseas than they had to pay out back in the United States. Thus, saving an employer money that could be used on producing more goods. Think about it more and more we are seeing goods that we once produced in the good ole’ United States now being manufactured in places like China for example.

First off let me explain just what American Imperialism is, according to what I read on Boundless US History (N/D), it stated, “American Imperialism is a term that refers to the economic, military, and cultural influence of the United States internationally.” With that being said I also went on to read in the same reading from Boundless US History (N/D), that American imperialism is somewhat based on American exceptionalism. What is American exceptionalism? American exceptionalism is basically the thought that the United States of cont. America is unlike the other countries of this world in that the United States of America is on a mission to spread democracy and civil liberties across the globe. So, as you can see because of this mission the United States is on not only does it affect my career field of accounting but all career fields.

Companies are now able to have access to the international markets for exporting goods. We can also receive better deals on raw materials through the use of international markets. One Group Affected by United States Immigration and ExpansionThe one group that I would have to say was most affected by the United States of America’s immigration and expansion is the Native Americans. If you ask me they certainly got a raw deal. Before people starting immigrating to the United States they were the ones that lived on this continent. Each different tribe had its own way of life prior to the arrival of all these immigrants. Most of the tribes had their own form of language and religious beliefs. That all changed though as more and more immigrants came to North America. According to the Library of Congress (N/D), in the fifteenth century when European settlers first started to arrive to North America they had encountered many different Native American cultures at that time as many as 900,000 Native American in habitants. The settlers also came to notice that there were about 300 different languages among these Native Americans as well. The lives of the Native Americans were soon to change for the worse not only would they start getting sick and dying from diseases they knew little to nothing about, but also the would be removed from their native lands.


American Imperialism and Manifest Destiny has had a lasting effect on the people United States. Some of the affects like expanding the international market I would say for the most part is for the better. Although when we get into how the Native Americans were treated that is a different story. They were not only robbed of their lands but also their way of life.


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How Imperialism and Manifest Destiny Affect American Workplaces Today essay

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How Imperialism and Manifest Destiny Affect American Workplaces Today. (2022, Apr 19). Retrieved from https://samploon.com/how-imperialism-and-manifest-destiny-affect-american-workplaces-today/


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