How Manifest Destiny Was Born

Updated April 19, 2022

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How Manifest Destiny Was Born essay

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Once the United States gained its independence from the British, many immigrants started heading to the states that were free. Since there was so many immigrant moving to the U.S., they needed to expand to make more room in each state. That is how Manifest Destiny was born.

Manifest Destiny allowed the United States to expand throughout the entire nation. It played a important role on Mexico and Texas. Both John Q. Adams and Henry Clay tried everything to take as much land from Texas. But after the annexation of Texas, their plan backfired. Eventually, Texas signed a couple of treaties with several countries and obtained loans from them. Hearing about this, Mexico continued to threaten Texas and that’s when Santa Anna declared war on the lone star state.

Manifest Destiny didn’t just cause Mexico and Texas some issues, it also affected the viewing of a white man’s perspective. It made rationalizations of greed and selfishness. One reason was the gold rush of old rush in 1848. James W. Marshall, a pioneer, was working in the mines one day and discovered what happened to be gold, silver and other shiny metals. The news of Marshalls discovery quickly spread all around the country that it made over thousands miners travel to California. Closer to the end of 1849, the entire population of California had grew twice its size. During that gold rush, close to about two billion dollars worth of the gold, silver and other metals were found.

The ideology of Manifest Destiny affected the expansion of the U.S. by creating relationships with over 200 countries. The foreign policies they came up with designed how the country was going to receive security and defense against their attackers. Throughout the year, things ended up changing for the better. The United States remained neutral up until War World l and World War ll and then it changed very dramatically. It caused the U.S. to invest hundreds and thousands of dollars into strengthening the war and to create a system of alliances. After the war, the policy was eventually carried out due to a variety of functions and issues that the U.S. was dealing with.

Now the Manifest Destiny had good things come out of it such as Texas Independence from Great Britain. But it also caused some major problems just as Texas going into debt with helping out in the war, causing the foreign policy to fail and the mass overpopulation of the expansion. In today’s society, President Trump does not want to allow illegal immigrants to move to the United States for a better life. It is almost the same for slaves back in the day. They moved to the free states for a better life for themselves but eventually ended up doing the dirty work for the whites. The Manifest Destiny expansion did not mentally or physically prepare anyone for all the issues that was coming their way.

How Manifest Destiny Was Born essay

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