Forrest Gump Movie Film Analysis

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Forrest Gump known as Tom Hanks was named after the Great Civil War hero Nathan Bedford Forrest and his mother told him they were related. Forrest is a man with a low IQ who shares his life story at a bus stop to random strangers as they come sit next to him. He goes through life as an innocent and genuine human being. He impacted lives of several characters around him and discovers who he is alone his trip. Gump never thought he would see himself as a human person with disability. They lead an accomplished and extremely fortunate life with the help and support of his amazing mother Mrs. Gump.

It did not matter if he was getting scholarships to become a college football player, fighting for war, being a star player at Ping-Pong, and making his own business as a Shrimp boat captain. He inspires many people because he went on with life no matter what he had going on. Forrest Gump is an actor that a lot of viewers will truly love. The best movie of all time is Forrest Gump because he shows us life lessons and many important themes.

The movie Forrest Gump is a great movie because throughout the movie he became an important person who used his disability to overcome the obstacles he faces throughout life. His problems led to his determination for success and a good conclusion which drives the entire movie. One of the life lessons he learned was never let no one bring you down. He used his self determination to overcome his physical disability, his walking impairment by running far away and proving himself to the mean boys who always pick on him. Forrest did everything he could to save his soldiers in a fire. If Forrest did not face those difficulties and believing in himself then the movie would not be great and interesting. This a great a movie because he teaches everyone including his special friend Jenny how to become a better person.

The film is great because he does not let nothing get in his hearted and genuine personality. He has always looked out for a good society and came up with accepting the person he is meant to be. No matter what gets in this way he overcomes any blockade that gets in his way and use his goodness and innocent confidence to do it. He learns how to accept himself and shape the society around him. He is positive about the negativity that surrounds him. His disability becomes more accepted because he views every life situation in a positive light. He can reframe his own thoughts which is something that everyone wish they could do.

This is a great movie because Forrest is an inspiration to others. He inspires others because of many things like his kindness, happiness, love and silliness. Some surprising things that people see about him are his achievements, overcomes and becoming successful in every phase of his life. They accept who he is through his acts of kindness and because he became very lucky in his accomplishments. This movie is great because the purpose of this film is to inspire the audience and make his disability more accepted to show people that they are capable of the same achievements as disabled individuals.

The film is great, but I do not understand why some people hate it. Others hate the movie Forrest Gump due to the time length, everyone think Jenny is a terrible person, and he is not interesting like most movies. If some people hate this movie they should take some time and watch it over because this movie proves many different things. I know the movie is too long, but it is still very interesting, and Jenny is not a terrible person.

The movie is very interesting and funny because Forrest takes many trips throughout his life no matter if he is called an idiot. Later he comes to find out he is a lot smarter than everyone thinks. For example, Forrest in the movie was offered to play football at his high school by his coach. The genres of this movie are comedy, drama, romance and epic. These genres make the movie more interesting and make everyone want to watch it repeatedly. If someone has not watched this movie then they are missing out on a lot of things.

This movie shows a very important theme by Forrest living his life and never giving up. He faced many difficulties, but he overcame them. For example, he gets through people mocking him and making fun of him due to his low IQ, Vietnam war, drug abuse, and losing his loved one. Facing all these obstacles would allow someone to fail badly but Forrest lived his life to the fullest and happy. The quote Mrs. Gump always told Forrest states “Life was like a box of chocolates. You never know what you’re gonna get”. This quote represents that someone will never know what is coming for them in the future. The music of this movie connects to the flying feather in the beginning of the movie because it symbolizes power, the lives of others and the fact that we can never choose where we will end up at. In the film, the feather makes a connection with Jenny wanting to become a bird.

This movie has taught me that life is not easy and to never give up. Everyone faces many challenges in different perspectives. I recommend this movie to everyone because Forrest proves to everyone in many ways that life is a struggle. Some amazing things that got my attention more was when he became an Army Sergeant even though his IQ was low. He earned an award in Ping Pong and a while later became a national celebrity. Lastly, he became a millionaire due to little small business of Shrimp. All these examples show that he put effort and dedication to becoming someone in life.

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Is Forrest Gump movie based on a true story?
The Forrest Gump movie is based on a novel by Winston Groom. The novel was inspired by a true story, but the movie is not based on a true story.
What is the true meaning of Forrest Gump?
The true meaning of Forrest Gump is a story about hope, love, and determination. It is a story that teaches us that no matter what life throws our way, we can overcome it as long as we have those three things.
Why Forrest Gump is the best movie ever?
Forrest Gump is the best movie ever because it is funny, heartwarming, and has a great story.
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