Forrest Gump as one of the Best Films

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The film created in 1994, Forrest Gump, is most likely one of the best films that were created during that time. Many people saw the film as a moral tale of great insight, even the critics. Most of the critics have enjoyed this entertaining movie, and one of the critics was Roger Ebert. Roger referred Forrest Gump as a “magical movie” (Ebert). Another critic named Hal Hinson called Forrest Gump “a real zero”. The success of Forrest Gump had positive reviews from critics and resulted in making millions and millions of dollars. This drama/comedy film had people enjoy the acting of Tom Hanks as Forrest Gump. The film had nice special effects and directing by Robert Zemeckis and earned an Oscar for best picture of the year.

Forrest Gump is a cherished film. It demonstrates a protagonist that is very generous and relatable to the audience, and throughout the interesting plot twists, becomes a successful man even with his mental disabilities. Forrest Gump’s skill to try new things without hesitation, being a loyal friend, doing what he loves, being positive and generous, and being open-minded to any surprises made him a perfect role model for people to learn from and to love. Forrest is not be a typical hero that a person would usually imagine. The way Forrest is demonstrated as a hero is by being an example of how life’s goals can be reached by being honest, blameless, and righteous.

Forrest Gump started off his adult life a college football star, to a war hero, to a Ping-Pong champion, to a shrimp boat millionaire. Forrest Gump may have not understood how or why his place in those events, but he ended up having an impact on the society around him. The characters throughout the film also were able to shine light on the different themes and aspects of history through the characters. Forrest Gump is the protagonist of the film. Forrest has a very low IQ and has a bad physical condition. He suffers from having weak legs has problems in his spin. Although Forrest Gump has many different types of disabilities that hold him back, he has still achieved many unbelievable successes throughout his entire life. Forrest has been on an incredible journey and had done quite well for someone who is disabled person and has a low IQ.

Forrest ends up showing everyone that he is doing great at taking care of himself and for others simply by being honesty, loving, kind, and bravery. Forrest Gump is very independent and is a kind and diligent man. Forrest can demonstrate real love to the ones he cares most while others cannot do the same. This could be joke to others, but as we see, Forrest Gump knows what love actually is. A time when Forrest found the world to be too hard and difficult, Forrest’s mother helped and supported him. Forrest Gump’s mom did her best to give Forrest a normal life. She had to do indecent things with the principal just so Forrest can attend at a normal school and Forrest didn’t understand why she would do such a thing. This shows how much Forrest’s mother cared for her son.

The film’s morals is not easily noticed, but if we think more deeply about the things that happen in Forrest Gump, we can become aware of certain life lessons that the film shows. The teachings of Forrest Gump can include: learn what your limits are by trying, be a great friend in return you will have great friends, do what you truly love, be positive and focused, give back to others, and be open-minded to change.

In the film, Forrest has done many different activities throughout his life. He does not think so much about doing them or not, and simply does them based on his teachings from his mama, his goals, and his love. Forrest broke free of his leg brace trying to run away from bullies and received a scholarship into a football just by running past the football coach (he is really fast runner), and made it through college that way. Forrest became a ping pong celebrity by playing for fun in an army rehabilitation camp.

There are countless examples of Gump doing something just because and it working out amazingly. This shows us that with trying something out, we can achieve greatness. Greatness in relation of friendship is not simple, but Forrest makes it seems so easy. Forrest and his best friend, Bubba, have a strong bond by their loyalty and care. There was nothing that seemed to complicate their friendship. Forrest teaches us that friendship is simple. As long as you show loyalty and care to your friend, everything else simply is not important.

In addition to trying many different things and succeeding in them despite his disabilities, Forrest was able to find joy in doing the things he loved. An example would be when he still mowed his lawn when he was a millionaire and whenever he felt like doing something, he simply did it. For example, he ran nonstop for three years without any reasons except to self –reflect on himself. This teaches us that even doing something that we enjoy can help brighten our lives and keep us in a more peaceful state.

Trying something that is similar to what you love is having the ability to be positive and focusing on what you have. An example is when Lieutenant Dan suffered a terrible injury of no longer having his legs. Gump helped him to remember that Lieutenant Dan was still the same person inside, and that he could reach whatever he wanted to do as long as he doesn’t give up. One of the blazing moments in Forrest Gump that showed Forrest’s alacrity is when he hands over a large portion of his money to Bubba’s family and to the community.

Forrest explains why he donated the money was that, “There’s only so much fortune a man really needs and the rest is just for showing off.” It is a common sense idea that no one needs so much, and feeling comfortable is already enough. If you make more than enough money, why not give the rest to someone that needs it so you and the other person can feel good.

One of the most well-known lines from the film is, “Momma always said: life is like a box of chocolates—you never know what you’re gonna get.” Just like the quote, the film is full of unexpected events and it seems that Forrest’s life is constantly made up of a sequence of unexpected events. For most people this is an accurate illustration of their life. Our plans are do not usually go the way we expected. We would enjoy it much better if it did go our way, but often, they don’t. Although, Gump accepts these changes without any hesitation, and remains having a positive mentality throughout all of the obstacles that he faces.

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