Film Terminology in 12 Angry Men

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12 Angry Men is a film which talks about a boy who killed his father. The film took place in one room where 12 men who are the jury are trying to convince each other weather the boy is guilty or not. Before this scene takes place, number 8 was the only one to vote not guilty. Until he said that they will vote again and if he is still alone, he will vote guilty. The author used some film terminology to help create suspense and to make the scene interesting for audience. The most used film terminology was the camera shots like wide shots and close ups.

The first type of camera shot that was used was the wide shots. The first example of wide shot was when number 8 was going back to his place while others were disappointed that someone changed his vote to not guilty. The author used this wide shot to show the audience that number 8 is succeeding and that the jury session didn’t finish yet and the point of view of the other people might change. Another example of wide shot was used when number 9 stood up to defend number 8. The other men were listening to him while number 10 shows hi bad behavior by standing in his back and not giving him attention. This shows the audience how number 10 doesn’t want to know the point of view of anyone and that his point of view is always right.

The other type of camera shot that was used was the close up. The first example of close up that appeared in the scene when number 1 was opening the papers which said the point of view of the jury if he is guilty or not. The author used this close up of number 1 so he can add suspense to the scene as these papers were the future of the kid that killed his father and if he is going to be killed or not. The author also used diegetic sound of the paper being opened to also add suspense to the scene. Another example of the use of close up was taken of number 8 when number 1 said that someone else voted not guilty. The close up showed the audience that there is still hope for saving the kid and the action and suspense didn’t finish yet.

In the end, 12 angry men is a very interesting film because of the film terminologies that were used to add suspense and other things and to keep the audience attracted. The most used film terminology in the film was the camera shots. The two types of camera shots that were used were wide shots and close ups.

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What does the storm mean in 12 Angry Men?
The storm in 12 Angry Men represents the intense emotions and tension among the jurors as they deliberate on the fate of the accused. It also symbolizes the chaos and unpredictability of the justice system.
What shots were used in 12 Angry Men?
The film contains only two shots that were not close-ups. One is an establishing shot of the building in which the trial takes place during the opening credits.
What time was the murder in 12 Angry Men?
The murder took place at 9:00 pm.
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