Film About Sexual Assault in Us Colleges Turned Out to Be a Documentary

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“A national study says one out of every four female college students will be the victim of a rape or attempted sexual assault.” This documentary provided the viewers with statistics on how many students report sexual assault as well as how many predators get punished for their crimes. The documentary also provided real-life stories of some of the victims of sexual assault. I believe this was an informative documentary regarding sexual assaults on college campuses as well as how administration handle these cases. I believe the main points of this documentary was to spread awareness of sexual assault, provide resources for victims, and uncover the truth about college administration.

Before watching this documentary, I was aware of the incidence however was not aware of the prevalence of sexual assault. The statistics on sexual assaults taking place with college students shocked me. Being a freshman going to bobcat preview we are required to attend a title IX presentation because of this I knew sexual assault happened on campus, however, I was not aware of the number of students who are victims. I was also surprised by how the administrators responded. They treated the university like a business protecting the people who invest in the institution more. The way they handled the problem was very immoral. The number one priority a university should have is the safety of its students. The administration should handle every case seriously and with care. Taking all measures in order to grant justice for the victim.

I think universities can properly and effectively investigate sexual assault complaints and seek justice for the victim by deterring offenders. Deterrence is a theory that the use of punishment will stop potential criminals from committing crimes. If the punishment of the crime out ways the reward, criminals are least likely to offend. Currently, college athletes and fraternities are aware they can get away with sexual assault because almost no one gets punished for sexual assault on campus. In regard to student athletes, I believe expulsion from school will definitely deter athletes from committing sexual assault. When getting expelled from school as a student athlete they will ultimately lose their scholarships as well as a chance to play the sport they love at the collegiate level. In regard to fraternities, I believe if there are many accusations from the same fraternity member, there should be a deep investigation on the offender. If the accusations are to be found as true, the individual should be tried in court and expelled from the university. In both cases, the offender has more to lose than to gain from committing a sexual assault. I believe if others are aware of the punishment that can happen there will be less sexual assaults on campuses. Although this is a long-term plan, I believe it could be effective.

“More than 16 percent of college women are sexually assaulted while in college.” After watching this film, knowing I could inevitably be a victim of sexual assault, I am inspired to act. I think that sexual assault on campus is a topic that needs to be discussed amongst everyone. After watching this documentary, I do view administrators differently and am curious about what kind of help they provide for victims here at Texas State University. The film encourages us to act by “supporting survivors, help pass legislation, and hold schools accountable” by visiting SeeActStop.org. The website provides a lot of information for victims as well as how to act if you are a student, parent, alumni, faculty member, and administrator. As a student, we need to keep the conversation going about sexual assault. We need to learn the rights we have to an education free of sexual violence and harassment. Lastly, we need to step in when we are a witness to sexual violence.


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