Different Variations of Exercise

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The lung exercise is one of the most effective workouts that strengthen the lower body. Moreover, lung exercise can prevent injury in the knees (LINDSAY KIRLIN, 2013). This exercise can help in everyday activities such as walking and climbing up the stairs and improve your fitness level too. In fitness, there are many variations of lung exercise. The most common types are static lung, the forward stepping lunge, the backward stepping lunge, the curtesy lunge and the static lunge with an external load. (LINDSAY KIRLIN, 2013)

The benefit of the forward lunge down exercise is that it is one of the most effective exercises for producing a high level of muscle activity, more than other common lower body exercises like the bodyweight squat (1). This movement is like our walking pattern, one foot in the front and the other is in the back so our brains are used to it. This exercise is useful for the balance of the body. (LINDSAY KIRLIN, 2013)

The reverse lung lowdown has many advantages. Such as, that the twist on the lung lets our body move in a position that’s uncommon to the majority of people. In addition, there is less challenge to balance because the center of gravity is always between the two feet. Also, this exercise is suitable for people who have problems with balance. To train the muscle with less stress on the joints.

Moreover, it is a suitable option for people with knee problems. (Jessica Matthews, 2013)

The curtsy lunge, you could also call it the reverse crossover lunge, doing the curtsy lunge will improve your lower body muscles such as the firm butt by targeting the inner and outer glute and thigh muscles and will help you build and strength your calves muscles.

The walking lunges have a big impact on the thigh muscles and legs moreover, a part of this there are a few more benefits of the walking lunges, for example, it improves balance, boosts functionality, boosts hip flexibility, improves core stability and provide rest for the spine.
To conclude, there are many types of lunge exercises. Each type has its own uses and benefits.

Overall, to maximize the benefit of these exercises it should be included in your daily fitness routine. As I mentioned earlier, there are a wide variation of lunge exercises you must choose which one suits your situation and your fitness level.

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