Computing Innovation: Twitter

Updated June 27, 2021

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Computing Innovation: Twitter essay

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Twitter is a website that allows users to share what they are doing at any given time. Twitter allows users to “tweet” or post messages with up to 280 characters to communicate with others. Twitter can also be used to share information. For example, when Barack Obama was re-elected as President, there were 327,000 tweets per minute about the event. In my artifact, I showed how people can type up to 280 characters and share information. I also showed what the statistics for what devices people commonly used for Twitter and the statistics of what people normally do on Twitter.

To create my artifact, I used a Keynote slide and set up a visually appealing background. Then, I began looking for pictures that pertained to the function, purpose, and uses of Twitter to copy and paste onto the slide. After I finished putting pictures onto the slide, I included the title and descriptions. Finally, I converted the slide into a PDF document.

Twitter has many beneficial effects, as well as harmful effects. Some beneficial effects include that there is a massive audience potential, so when a user posts something, it is very likely that a large amount of people will see it. Another beneficial effect is that Twitter is widely accessible so it is not only available as a website; it is also available as an app on smartphones, tablets, etc.

Some harmful effects include that there is a lot of spam on the network that is not controlled and drowns out actual content. Another harmful effect is that bad propaganda can be spread about politics. This affects society by making politicians worry too much about what they post on Twitter rather than helping the society. For example, when Donald Trump was elected as President, he tweeted insults to Barack Obama and Hillary Clinton.

Twitter collects information about a user from their devices, websites they visit, and more to personalize their services. They consume information about a user’s device and Internet usage to transform data by compiling it, so that it can be easily analyzed by Twitter to provide advertisements, stories, and more that are more relevant and customized to fit the user’s interests.

However, this can pose a security/privacy concern to some users because of hackers. Hackers have taken over Twitter accounts before to post information that was highly classified such as HBO’s account to release information like emails, TV episodes and movies. There is nothing stopping hackers from hacking into someone’s account and reading private conversations or getting information about the user’s device & Internet usage, thus compromising a user’s privacy.

Computing Innovation: Twitter essay

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