Competitive Economy and Google Inc

Updated February 8, 2021

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Competitive Economy and Google Inc essay

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Google is a company that mainly provides and operates online services such as search engines. Founded in 1998 by Larry Page and Sergey Brin. In addition to search engines, we are providing various services such as “Google AdSense” and “Google AdWords” for internet advertising and “Gmail” for free mail, and the scope of coverage is expanding rapidly. However, in recent years, many people have come to Google about the possibility of antitrust violations. Last year, the European Commission’s antitrust authorities fined Google for EUR 1.49 billion for improper practices in online advertising. I talk about google and the monopoly.

First of all, I don’t think Google is a monopoly. Saying that Google is a monopoly means that they control 100% of the market. However, Google is not. There are rivals such as Bing, Yahoo, and Baidu. In other words, technically it will never be monopolized unless it is the only search engine ever. Some of the more popular other search engines accept a significant number of customers. Google makes up the majority of Internet searches, but it’s not a monopoly. I think using Google to navigate the web is the preferred way for most people to find information online. Google is far from a monopoly in terms of the full range of Internet services. if it is a monopoly, I think there should be legislation. The reason is that a non-competitive economy will stagnate.

There are several factors that have helped Google gain a large share of the search market. First, the revolution in search of the Internet is one of the biggest success factors of Google. Of course, there were other search webs, but Google was particular about making the ranking of search results meaningful. Based on a unique patented algorithm called pagerank, we use more than 200 indexes to determine search results in a complicated manner.

The strengths and judgments of these indicators fluctuate every day, and the search ranking changes greatly every time a large change occurs on a regular basis. The accuracy of the ordered search results, which would be of great value to users, increased year by year, establishing a position where other companies could never compete.

In addition, despite the IT Genesis, we have achieved the ad optimization by using the user’s search word. In addition, A business model like Google is called a platform business. It is a business model that enhances convenience for consumers and users by putting it on various networks of the company. There, in some cases, free maps, email services, and various services that enhance your search experience are offered.

By getting people to use these things, we will increase the number of people who use Google itself. The economy of economies of scale on the consumer side, and the economies of scale on the side of businesses that provide services and products, both combine to expand the platform steadily. It will have such characteristics. That leads to an overwhelming share rate. The number of users increases because users are satisfied, and money is collected for highly effective advertisements. That’s how Google got a huge wealth and share.

Senator Elizabeth Warren, who will be the opponent of Mr. Trump in the 2020 US presidential election, has stated that huge companies such as Google, Amazon, Facebook should be dismantled and the against huge technology companies is increasing. If they really were dismantled, I unpredictable what would happen in the future.

Competitive Economy and Google Inc essay

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