Comparison of The House on Mango Street and Moby Dick

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The book, The House on Mango Street gives a perspective of 12 year old Espranza, who recently moved to a new home in Chicago. Through the chapters it gives insight how she is changing from a child to a young adolescent, and how it is affecting her. Esperanza did experience a hard time that changed her life as she knows it.

This is similar to Ahab, the main character of the book Moby Dick. Ahab is a remarkable sailor and caption, who got his leg bitten off by a large whale. This changed his life, and created a strive to catch this while, just like how when Esperanza was harassed, this gave her a boost to improve her life. In The House on Mango Street, it is about a girl who moved to a new house in Chicago, and she did not like her living conditions. This inspired her to have a main goal, to move away from her parents’ home. Since, Esperanza was ashamed of where she lived.

Finally, what was helping her move was her writing, but she promised that should would come back and help others. Compared to Moby Dick who was an old sailor who is seeking revenge, because of a white sperm whale named Moby Dick. Captain Ahab hated the whale, because he bitten off his knee. At the end, the Moby still won and Captain Ahab died while attempting to capture Moby.

The theme of The House on Mango Street is with the power of language it will set you free. Then theme of Moby Dick you can never escape your fate. Something similar in both stories are that both of the main characters went through something drastic, that shaped them for life. In the House on Mango Street, for instance Esperanza was sexually assaulted, it changed her view on life. Just like Moby Dick, after captain Ahab got his leg bitten off, he tried everything in his will power to catch a whale, but at the end it killed him.

Both of the characters experienced something traumatic that changed their lives and fate. The tone of Esperanza is hopeful, since she is trying so hard to change, and help others. While the tone of captain Ahab is wanting to prove that he can take on something, that nobody can handle. The thing that differs between the two stories is the theme.

The theme of The House on Mango Street is optomtic, and using language as power. On the other hand, Moby Dick, the theme is not as positive, rather it is a life lesson that you can not change your fate. The House on Mango Street is relevant to today’s current events. For example, she was sexually assaulted, she wanted to help the women in her community. This is similar to #MeToo movement, where women and men came together to empower each other, even after being sexually assaulted.

Another example, is when Esperanza used her language and writing for power. For instance, currently our president used writing and language when communicating with the nation via Twitter, and it since he is the president his words do have power. Both of the books that I think that they are both interesting in different ways.

What I like about Moby Dick is that it helped me realize the value of staying humble, because in the end it could kill you. Then in The House on Mango Street, I liked the fact that she used her talent to help others improve, and how she felt empowered as a woman. What I did not like about Moby Dick is that Ahab usually focused mostly on Moby, and in the end it killed him. To me it felt like a bad ending. At the end I did enjoy both of these books, and the meaning behind them.


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