Balling on a Budget

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Everyone loves the holidays, whether it is spending time with cherished relatives and friends or just having the day off. Yet there is one thing that majority of us do not like to do: Spend money! Holidays can be taxing, literally, when low on money. Shopping may be demanding and expensive, but by using these tips and tricks provided in this article, it will help everyday customers ‘ball on a budget’.

The first step in saving money is coupon clipping. Newspaper ads and daily ad-mail are a great source of coupons. Many people dispose of them and lose countless dollars on a plethora of deals. Preserve all the coupons and sift through them when time is available. Cut them out and store them into a reusable plastic bag for later use. Whenever ready, go on a shopping-spree with the coupons and watch the price drop dramatically. Use this technique anytime throughout the year.

Secondly, the next best tip to try out is hand-making gifts. Do not worry about sounding cheap. Designing gifts for someone else shows true passion and thoughtfulness. It even saves money by keeping things simple. Most retailers often offer an immense savings bonus when purchasing supplies in bulk. So stock up and use the supplies all year long.

Another useful tip is to buy gifts in advance. Retailers play clever ruses and devise special plans to lure people into spending more money. Therefore, it should come as no surprise that prices increase dramatically before big holidays. A tactic to avoid this conundrum is to shop early. Buying in advance can relieve the hassle of going over budget as well as losing the risk of having items go out of stock.

In addition, using a retailer’s price matching feature and layaway plan can help cut costs. Price matching will provide the best deal as well as receiving any promotions that the retailer offers. Layaway is also a great option to use when wanting to make installments. Just make weekly or bi-weekly payments and have comfort in knowing the gifts are no longer for sale to the general public. These tools will help tremendously when buying more for less.

Lastly, re-gift old presents or items that collect dust. This option is free and usually gives people solace in knowing the gift was not a complete waste. Recycle old tissue paper and gift bags from years prior to help cut on cost. This effective strategy will help people’s wallets year after year.

In conclusion, saving money is easier than most people think. An example like coupon clipping is a yearlong strategy to help cut costs. Saving money can even be fun for the holidays such as creating gifts for people. Buying early will help to avoid price proliferations and out of stock issues. Price match and layaway are resourceful tools that show the best deal available. Even re-gifting and reusing items allow people to save money in their wallets. Following these sure and simple steps will allow average consumers to ‘ball on a budget’.


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