Antonio in “Bless Me, Ultima”

Updated January 8, 2022

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Antonio in “Bless Me, Ultima” essay

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Over the course of this book Antonio has gone from mentally and physically being a child, to learning lots of new things a maturing by seeing things no child should see. We know from the beginning that Antonio is special since he is able to remember his own birth. Not to mention that his dreams are extremely vivid and are able to show him things that are going on and are going to happen. He then witnesses his first death. He watches Lupito get killed after he killed the sheriff. Even though Lupito killed the sheriff and his death was probably going to happen anyway, Antonio still saw it happen and like any little kid seeing somebody die, it’s probably going to do some damage. There are also a couple other big events that changed him.

Another major event was when Antonio went with Ultima to help cure his uncle Lucas who has been cursed by Tenorios daughters. This was the first time that Antonio had gone with Ultima to help somebody and it was a lot. First of all he saw his uncle in a really bad place which could have been pretty hard on him, but he had a job to do so he stepped up and helped as much as he could, and he did. Antonio helped his uncle get back into good health which made him very happy, but to get that happy he had to go through moments of pain.

He got through it though and saw what it looks like for somebody to almost die while you’re right there. Another event that changed him is when he saw the golden carp with cico and started to wonder if god the god from his church was the only one out there, or if there are more of them out there. When you’ve been worshiping one god you’re whole life and just out of the blue start to question it entirely, it can get very difficult when you start to lose faith and think different things.

Another insanely big event is when his friend florence drowned. The death itself is pretty bad but wile florence was alive he would tell Antonio that there couldn’t be a god in the world since the world is so evil. After hearing his friend say this and then having his friend die, Antonio started to put together the pieces that maybe there really wasn’t a god, Maybe there isn’t anything else after you die. Since Antonio is still a kid who just lost a close friend who kept telling him god wasn’t real, it took its toll. Since he couldn’t turn the his church anymore, his options were limited. He turned to ultima for guidance and like always, she helped him.

The next and in my opinion, the most important event the happened was the death of Ultima. It’s not just the actual event that happened that messed with him a bit, it was also the events with Tenorio prior to her passing. Tenorio chased Antonio along a path and caused him to fall down into the brush, similar to the beginning when he watched Lupito get killed while he was sitting the brush. He then got yelled at by Tenorio who called him a bastard and then, he told him he was going to go and kill Ultima’s owl. This put a lot of stress on Antonio because he knew that the owl contained Ultimas soul and if it was killed then she would die.

So being hurt from the brush Antonio tried to run back in his house along the river. When he got back to the house Tenorio was already there and he tried to kill Antonio with his rifle, he missed the first shot but then he came back up to his feet, Tenorio showed him that he had killed the owl already and Antonios worry had grown immensely. He ran back to the house and found Ultima dying. He tended to her until she passed away. The book doesn’t really show how he feels after it but I assume he was pretty messed up since they were very close friends.

Antonio has gone through a lot through the course of this book. Some good, and some bad. The bad things very much outweighed the good but the good was still there and if it wasn’t Antonio would have been even more different that he was before. Antonio made a very large journey in a small amount of time, and it is these events that made him into a man.

Antonio in “Bless Me, Ultima” essay

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