An Internship Experience at a Small Construction Management Company with Relaxed Culture

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An Internship Experience at a Small Construction Management Company with Relaxed Culture essay
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The company that I am interning in is a small construction management company. The office environment is pretty relaxed. They do not have any strict rules. It is like a family-own company. I am a pretty shy person and easy to get nervous in a new environment. The first time I walked into their office, I did not feel that way. Instead, I felt extremely comfortable even during the interview. As an intern, these are attracting points to me. Because of the scale and the environment, I feel welcome and have the chance to talk to everybody, and learn different things from them. I guess this is not normally happen in a larger and vertical structured company. In addition of the friendly working environment, for the full-time employees, the flexible working secludes and highly paid salaries are two major reasons that keep them there.

Regarding the standard of professionalism in the company, wearing appropriate clothing to fit the content of the job is one of them. For instance, my boss is responsible to people relationship, so he always wear dress shirt and pants. My supervisor, on the other hand, is in charge of two construction projects. He needs to go back and forth between construction sites and office, so he wears jeans and camp shirt to work. Others who only work in the office wear business casual. For my position, I work in the office most of the time, but my supervisor takes me to the construction sites occasionally. Therefore, following with “the rule”, I dress business casual to the office, but I also prepare a pair of hard boots and a hard hat in case for site visits.

Based on Maslow’s Hierarchy of Needs, the company fulfilled their employees’ basic (Physiological) needs by providing enough salary for them to support their life. Insurance and stable work make them feel secure (Safety). For social needs, I saw that employees in the organization have informal interactions and casual conversations during the break. According this evidence, they have satisfied social needs. The ego needs are also satisfied because people in the company respect/are respected each other’s excellence. Maslow’s theory described, if human’s ego needs are being satisfied, they are motivated by self-actualization which is at the top of the hierarchy. I do not have enough information for this part, but I have once been told by my supervisor that he has taken UC, Berkeley extension courses for enhancing management skills. Therefore, I assume the company does cover the needs of the employees in this level.

A good human resources manager should understand what the employees’ needs are, have the skills to evaluate employees’ abilities, know what the company’s goals are, provide training and continuing education opportunities to employees’, etc. By applying this knowledge, the leader would have a control of employees’ quality and position them in the positions where they could do justice to themselves. If the company concerns about their employees, the employees would be willing to do the best they could to make contributions to the company. Whether the company has coherence, it all depends on the leader.

An Internship Experience at a Small Construction Management Company with Relaxed Culture essay

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