A Review of Blade, a 1998 American Vampire Superhero Action Horror Film by Stephen Norrington

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A Review of Blade, a 1998 American Vampire Superhero Action Horror Film by Stephen Norrington essay
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I thought Blade was a great fictional vampire movie with a lot of action and suspense. Some critics said that it wasn’t a very good movie, but I disagree with them. I like this movie very much. It is your typical good versus evil movie with a slight twist. The good guy (Blade) is half vampire and half- human, which gave it that extra kick because he could be in the sunlight while other vampires would die if they were exposed to the sun. All other vampires feared him because he has all of their strengths but none of their weaknesses. His only problem is that he is turning more and more into a full vampire. The only thing that is keeping him alive and human is a special formula his friend makes for him.

At the beginning of the movie there is a scene were a guy goes into what at first looks like a new underground club with a girl he had just meet. The camera angle is really neat because it seems like you are looking down at him through the ceiling while he’s walking in the club. After dancing a while a spray of blood that looks like red water shoots out of the sprinklers and everybody starts to go crazy. Then the camera angle changes again so that you see exactly what he sees. And he begins to see these people grow fangs and have strange eyes. The way it’s shot it made me feel like they were right in my face.

The next best camera view is when blade comes in and begins to kill the vampires. Every kill shot was different though. Each was unique with the way they were being killed. For example, when one vampire was shot with a metal steak out of a shotgun, the camera seems to follow the vampire getting shot across the room as if there were a camera mounted at the end of the steak looking right at the vampires face. Also when Blade is surrounded by about six vampires in an oval shaped room he throws his boomerang blade and kills all of them with it. Once again it’s like a camera was on the blade as it swung around the room. Every fight scene in the movie was done almost in that same way, were it made you feel as if you were right there fighting as well.

The sound effects and the soundtrack were absolutely perfect for this movie. During the fight scenes when people would get hit it didn’t sound like a real hit. It had extra sound added in to it every time. Which makes sense, because it’s all ready a fictional movie. Why not make it even more exciting? The music that was played through the movie was very fast and up beat techno sound. It made the fight scene even more exciting than they all ready were to begin with.

When you heard the beat of the music get faster it would get your heart racing a little faster and you made sure you were watching because you knew that something exciting was about to happen. Closer to the end of the movie when the top evil vampire is trying to get possessed by the vampire god the soundtrack seems to change. Instead of the faster techno sound it changes to a more mythical god like sound. The music makes it feel more religious. But as soon as Blade regains his strength the music changes again to the faster up beat sound and then the fighting continues.

Blade is a movie with fictional characters. There is no such thing as a vampire as far as I know. So, no, the characters were not very believable, but the actors and actresses did a very good job making you think that there could be such a thing. Well maybe not that there are really vampires, but as far as the typical fictional vampires are concerned, I believe they did. Wesley Snipes was the first African American vampire I had ever seen. Usually when you picture a vampire you think of a very pale faced and tall white man.

Overall I enjoyed the movie Blade. I like action and sci-fi movies and this particular movie was mad of both. The story line was a typical action; good versus bad and you could assume what was going to happen at the end. Even thought the story line was pretty predictable I think it was very well made. The way the movie was presented was unique in that it was so exciting and interesting.

A Review of Blade, a 1998 American Vampire Superhero Action Horror Film by Stephen Norrington essay

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